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Change for Whom?


Change for Whom?

ABSTRACT: Social Entrepreneurship + Regional Development

This paper demonstrates how it is possible for social entrepreneurship to play a key role in rural development. It draws links between social entrepreneurs, their work, their role in sustainable development, and how it relates to rural development. My findings suggest that social entrepreneurship can be achieved if we consider catering to the basic needs of individuals in the society first. In addition, we must find a development model that works today and does not impede, but rather create, better opportunities for tomorrow.

My Experience at Moisson Rive Sud


On October 17th, 2016, the CBC published an article entitled “Montreal's working poor on the rise, study finds,” talking about the fact that as prices are rising, salaries are not and many people are extremely affected by this. In fact, from 2001 to 2012, the working-poor population rose 30%. It is important to understand this isa crisis for the city of Montreal, and that somethings can be done to help those in need. 


Bonjour or Bonjour/Hi?


A few weeks ago, the Quebec legislature created a motion that all store clerks must only address customers with "bonjour" instead of "bonjour/hi" which is heard most often in Montreal. The Parti Quebecois argues that far too many store clerks are speaking both French and English to their customers and also points out that "bonjour" is the most perceived word in the French language.

Controversy on Abortion


This is an article about the debate on abortion between pro-choice, and pro-life. This debate has gone on for a long time after the US Supreme Court passed a law on it is a fundamental right to humans in 1973. For people who believe they are pro-choice, they state that abortion is a right and that it should not be limited or banned by any authority figure, including governments as well as religions. It’s believed that if abortion wasn’t a fundamental right, women would seek unsafe abortion treatment which could put them in an immense amount of danger.

Security Vs freedom of Religion 



Security Vs Freedom of Religion 

Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality


This article outlines what exactly net neutrality is, and its pros and cons surrounding this issue. Net neutrality is a big deal and is something that could change the way we use the internet for ever. “Net neutrality can be broadly defined as the concept of an open internet, where no websites or services are prioritised over any other, and nothing legal is blocked”. Net neutrality has its pros and cons and here are some of the most important arguments for both sides of this current issue. First major argument in favor of net neutrality is freedom of expression.

Project - Rebranding of a Sustainable Business - The Best Hotel in Europe

We are students in the Hotel and Restaurant Management Program at College Lafleche. Throughout our course "Business English 2" we have completed 3 professional workshops wherein we evaluated real businesses and then came up with real suggestions and solutions which we might offer them if they were our clients.

For this 4th workshop, our task was to evaluate the Best Hotel in Europe, which is a not-for-profit sanctuary for refugees which operates in Greece. This refuge is situated in an old hotel which had been abandoned, and we were excited to work on this project because They are doing great work for the international community, but with the right partners, they could do even more!

Our task was to research the company and produce the following documents:

1. A rebranding package: logo, mission statement, slogan(s) and anything else that you may think useful.
2. A list of potential parent companies and a brief description of why they may be interested, and in which capacity they may be interested (buy/sponsor/partner). This part must be as realistic as possible and include real statistics and facts.
3. A SWOT analysis for 1 of those potential partners
4. A slideshow that presents the basic concept, key details, and major advantages which will incentivize the parent company to buy/sponsor/partner with your charitable client.
5. A second slideshow which illustrates the improvements, upgrades, technology, new concepts, new product offerings that the investor can make possible.

Here is our work so far:

Academic Journals, the News, and Homelessness.


On July 7 of 2015, the first census on homelessness in Montreal was published explains an article  published on the CBC website on the day of the census' publication. It gives insight as to what went into the document and what the results were. The most important result was that there are more than 3,000 homeless people in Montreal, 76% of whom are men.

The Montreal Maison du Père, a place of refuge for homeless men.

On the Maison du Père’s “about” page they inform us of the different causes of homelessness; some of which are evident like poverty and addiction. However, some of the causes may surprise many people like mental and physical health, family problems and job unavailability due to age or qualifications. To read full list here is the link to the page.