Housing and Shelter

A New Era of Cultural Diversity In Germany. Or is it?






A new era of cultural diversity in Germany.

Or is it? 



Sunny House; Happy Life


Sunny House; Happy Life

The popularity of cost effective green houses have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. The concept of net zero homes has risen, and suddenly possibilities of clean energy use became available to almost everyone. One of these possibilities that has become especially popular is passive heating. A simple concept of heating your house with windows has taken us aback because of Quebec’s high potential for this technology, through its costs, benefits, and the way it works.

Wash and Dry Green Energy by Renata Mirza and Manuel-José Navidad Perez

Wash and Dry Green Energy

In our everyday life, we tend to use a lot of appliances to ease up our lives at home.  However, often, we tend to forget how much we use them and how much energy they consume. Therefore, unconsciously, we’ve been growing our ecological footprint without even knowing it! Furthermore, in our society, eliminating the use of all of our appliances would be impossible, and consequently, there is only so much that one can do to in order to limit one’s production of greenhouse gases.

Academic Journals, the News, and Homelessness.


On July 7 of 2015, the first census on homelessness in Montreal was published explains an article  published on the CBC website on the day of the census' publication. It gives insight as to what went into the document and what the results were. The most important result was that there are more than 3,000 homeless people in Montreal, 76% of whom are men.

The Montreal Maison du Père, a place of refuge for homeless men.

On the Maison du Père’s “about” page they inform us of the different causes of homelessness; some of which are evident like poverty and addiction. However, some of the causes may surprise many people like mental and physical health, family problems and job unavailability due to age or qualifications. To read full list here is the link to the page. 

Accueil Bonneau: Making a difference, one person at a time.

The basic needs in life like shelter, food, water, etc. are often taken for granted by those of us that have never been in a situation where access to any of it has been in danger. However, for many people having a roof over their head for even a day, is a constant struggle. According to this article from the CBC, the homeless population was over three thousand people in 2015, in Montreal.

India’s coming urban mega crisis


The article “India’s coming urban mega crisis” by R. Srinivasan, discusses the urban challenges due the rapid arrival of large amounts of people from rural areas to cities. The goal of the article is to direct attention to this urban expansion that the country is not prepared for. The author's arguments are supported by numerous polls and statistics illustrating the recent growth of the population and of the number of cities. On the whole, the article explains how many citizens come to search for economic opportunities and better conditions in urban areas.

From Freezer to Fridge: Alaskan Permafrost is Set to Thaw With High Costs to Alaskans and the Global Community


The debate surrounding climate change is no longer an argument of whether or not it is happening, but is now rather a debate on the level of anthropogenic contribution it. However, while policy makers sit and argue with scientists about emission levels, positive feedback loops are set to amplify the effects of climate change via melting the permafrost. In August, The New York Times published an article by Henry Fountain about the current situation regarding the thawing of the permafrost in Alaska.

A Province on Fire: Examining the Impacts of Wildfires in British Columbia


A Province on Fire: An Examination of the Impacts of Wildfires in British Columbia