An active life = A balanced life

What is a balanced life? Do you live a balanced life? Well, having a balanced life is about tasting a little bit of everything. For example, living in peace and harmony everyday. Balance comes in physical forms, emotional forms and spiritual forms. Being in a balance may mean something different to each individual. For me, having a balanced life means that I have to see my friends, maintain my relationship with my boyfriend, make time for my family and of course, being active on a regular basis.

Make a Difference

Make a Difference

Too many Problems, so little solution (SuperPost)


The world is riddled with problems such as climate change, pollution, poverty, wars, and etc. These problems are currently unresolved and will most likely stay as is for longer periods of time. Although that is case, here are few examples of problems which can be addressed at a shorter period of time, and will help lessen the burden of the aforementioned problems. 


  • Overpopulation:  

Is it a Good Idea to Legalize Marijuana in Canada


In the article Trudeau Vowed to Legalize Marijuana Across Canada by July. It Hasn’t Been that Easy by Alan Freeman, introduces the subject of Canada being the first country to ever industrialize marijuana nation wide. Trudeau when elected, had promised it’s legalization and has said it would be legalized by July 2018. Although most people agreed with his decision and supported it, many people have become skeptic because of warnings made by police chiefs and psychiatrists.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees



Another Weed Article


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Assisted death to end sufferance


In this article, we learn from a report by the Department of Public Health that 111 people died after the California’s right-to-die law got implemented.  On June 9th of 2016, the End of Life Option Act took place. It allows citizens of California 18 years old and over to ask for euthanasia from their doctors if they are expected to die in the next 6 months and are suffering from their illness.

Too many people?


There have been all kinds of wars waged throughout history: wars waged in name of personal vendetta, war over land, war over religions and ideologies, war against rulers (kings not the measuring rulers), war against racism and sexism, and etc... A report from 1999 Statewatch stated that the currently increasing population could cause some serious repercussion to the environment as it cannot meet the demanded resources needed in order to sustain the consuming population. 



What is a vegan diet, How do people become vegan?

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