The Realism of Clean Energy


While renewable energy has often been categorized as revolutionary, it still has many issues. More attention should be awarded to green energy for it to be more widely available, since fossil fuels are dominating the field of energy. This problem gets examined through three different academic articles, teaching us how technology and government policies can drastically change the way renewable energy gets used. While the solution has the possibility to heavily affect the world, it comes with a few challenges.

Dakota Access pipeline: Economic Stimulant or Environmental Threatening?


In his article “North Dakota Oil Pipeline Battle: Who’s Fighting and Why”, Jack Healy explains the issue surrounding the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota and what are the different points of view about this project. The paragraphs below will summarize what he had to say on this issue.

This oil pipeline project encountered a lot of protestations since the beginning of its construction. The contestations came from the fact that its trail is supposed to cross the Standing Rock Sioux Tribes’ ancestral lands and to pass under the Missouri River.

Venom & Mimicry

Venom systems have evolved on multiple occasions across the animal kingdom, and they can act as key adaptations to protect animals from predators [ 1 ]. Consequently, venomous animals serve as models for a rich source of mimicry types, as non-venomous species benefit from reductions in predation risk by mimicking the coloration, body shape, and/or movement of toxic counterparts [ 2–5 ]. The frequent evolution of such deceitful imitations provides notable examples of phenotypic convergence and are often invoked as classic exemplars of evolution by natural selection.

How Clean Energy Could Save the Environment: Three Articles Showing How It Can Be Done

There has been a meeting at the World Gas Conference of Paris between the biggest gas and oil companies to discuss about natural gas’ environmental benefits.

News summary from an article written on BBC News by Richard Anderson on June 2nd 2015. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-32976210

Clean Energy and Academic Disciplines

The topic of clean energy responds to the issue of non-renewable energy. It is linked to technology, the branch of knowledge used in relation to science and has many academic disciplines, including Informatics, Computer Science and Energy Engineering.


The Jar Test

In a water treatment facility, it can be sometimes difficult to determine what are the parameters that suit the best for the water that is treated. Polluted water have a composition that is always changing. With a different composition requires different parameters of operation. Since small changes in the parameters (pH, chemical dosage, agitation speed …) can have a huge impact on a full scale water plant, it is not recommended to try it because it could disturb the process.

Biological Warfare in Syria: The Silent Weapon


Biological Warfare in Syria: The Silent Weapon


WWOOF-ing it!

Help out and get your hands dirty by WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms -ing) it out Sainte-Angele-de-Premont with Les Potagers Sauvages, a family owned farm currently looking for volunteers. Wwoofing is a great way to help out small farms dedicate to providing an organic alternative to the massive farming corporations that dominate to field, literally. Volenteers can help out for two days up to a whole week, with room and board provided for them and up to two friends.

Become green, volunteer at Green Peace !

Lately, the issue around environment has been extremely important. For example, we've heard a lot about Trump's famous pipeline in Dakota that will pollute the Native Americans'  water, but America is not the only country having environmental issues, it happens here in Canada too. An article published the 25th of February in 2017 on L' avantage's website by Jean-Philippe Langlats rises the importance of pressing the issue to our government for 100% reusable energy.