Équiterre’s mission is to help people, organizations and governments to live in a more ecological way and to accelerate that change. It has many projects, like ecological horticulture, fair trade initiatives, local food production and many more. It has a global reach, as it helped a Swiss village install vegetable gardens to help urban agriculture. Équiterre says that volunteering corresponds to their core values, as it promotes solidarity.


Greenpeace is an independent organization founded in 1971 in Vancouver, Canada. Its goal is to protect the environment and the biodiversity while promoting peace and advocating the cessation of nuclear threats. It has been a big voice in the environment for a long time, and still is. Its members are running a campaign to help endangered whales. That’s not their only project.


“VertCité manages projects and offers help in sustainable development, while being a privileged resource in that subject for the population” [traduction by me]. They focus their effort in the Saint-Laurent borough by “managing an eco-shop; the event ‘Érablière Urbaine’ (urban sugar bush in French); the program ‘Quartier 21,’ which encourages local initiatives in sustainable development; and many urban agriculture projects” [traduction by me].


Quebec-Labrador Foundation (QLF) is an organization that promotes global leadership by encouraging the new generation to take action for the environment and to support the rural communities. “QLF seeks to empower communities and engage a global network of leaders to address shared community and conservation challenges worldwide” QLF. In this, volunteers are able to share their ideas, research, and experience with each other to and take what they learn to make a change.



Le Conseil Regional de l’environnement de Montreal (CRE-Montreal) is an independent non-profit organization that strives to promote sustainability in order to be able to protect the environment in Montreal. They work to apply strategies for the environment to advance by working with residual materials, transportation, water and air, climate change and others. Their mission is “to improve the quality of living environment and social equity on the island of Montreal” (CREMTL).


Environnement Jeunesse

Environnement Jeunesse (ENJEU) was created in 1979 and is an organization in Montreal which goal is to promote awareness and knowledge about the environment and its issues to young people in Quebec. ENJEU also encourages them to take action in order to improve the environment. “Environnement Jeunesse is a network that values the development of critical thinking and gives young people the opportunity to voice their concerns, positions, and solutions on current environmental issues” (ENJEU).


Nature Conservancy Canada

The Nature Conservancy Canada’s vision is that they “envision a world in which Canadians conserve nature in all its diversity, and safeguard the lands and waters that sustain life.”

Their mission is to lead and inspire others to create a legacy for future generations by protecting important areas and biological diversity in Canada. They claim to do this through durable conservation outcomes such as managing lands and waters and by basing their decisions on scientific facts.

Nature Canada

Nature Canada’s mission is “To protect and conserve wildlife and habitats in Canada by engaging people and advocating on behalf of nature.” They get involved in national issues such as wilderness protection, bird conservation and endangered species. They have 5 branches that work for different goals. NatureNetwork is a network of naturalist charities and groups, on provincial and regional levels, that advocate nature conservation in Canada. NatureVoice is a program of advocacy that encourages the federal government to vote for environmental friendly policies.

Earth Rangers

The information I found researching my super post revealed many disturbing situations that are more common than I thought. I didn’t realize that an entire population could lose electricity after a natural disaster. It was also very impressive to see so many people come together to help out people in need. The events described in the super post lead me to search for organizations that deal with the environment and how to protect it because if the population of earth keeps multiplying and consuming at the rate we are, we are doomed for disaster and hurricanes will only grow in strength.

Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is a global social enterprise that aims to improve the fashion industry through the collective power of the industry and the public. Their core values are creating an equality between people, the environment, creativity and profit within the fashion industry. They aim to change the way we produce and consume clothes.