Does the wage gap exist?

Does the wage gap exist? Yes but not at the 79 cents per every man’s dollar like people keep quoting, its actually 93 cents per every man’s dollar.

Gender Inequality: Women Fear for Their Future

Recently there seems to be an increase in women fearing that their gender will have a negative direct effect on the possibilities of getting a career, or that career ever advancing, and a fear that their wages will be lower simply because they are women. There is also a fear that because they are women, they have slim pickings for jobs they can actually pick. This is obviously a huge problem.

To have a job or not to that is the question.

Is it better to take any job than to be unemployed? Without any doubts, it is. As an example, if an individual doesn't have a job, he wouldn't be able to pay the bills and will end up full of debts or could even end up living in the street. It doesn't matter if it is an unpleasant job, there is nothing that keeps someone from searching a better one eventually. Of course, some limits apply, since the job shouldn't cross the illegal borders, because the prison could be the next stop.

Why we don't want Donald Trump to win the election

  He is arguably the worst presidential candidate in US history. He is a racist and is often compared to Adolf Hitler. He is Donald Trump.


  From all the memes and hilarious tweets, the most accurate one I've saw stated "This is not a presidential election, it is an intelligence test, and right now you guys are failing.". I think that quote goes to show how hectic this election has been, growing up I remembered rooting for Barack Obama particularly because he was African American. Now, I pray anyone other than Donald Trump gets elected.


Race reflections

We all would like to believe that racism has been dealt with and that the civil rights movement paid off and solved the issue. However, looking at the news recently provides a glimpse into reality and shows us that in truth, that it could not be further from the truth. Instead, we see a world where white supremacists work in the shadows and where we teach our police officers that black people are more likely to commit violent crime. Because of this, police brutality against people of color is one of the leading issues facing our society today.

Race Reflection for today

Jake Weissgold

Mark CL


February 2, 2016


Why NCAA athletes should be paid for their hard work


On December 3rd 2015, Maurice Peebles, Deputy Editor of Complex Sport, published an interview he had with Jay Bilas* concerning why student athletes performing in Division I schools should be paid. Mr. Bilas, a strong defender of NCAA athletes’ rights, highlights the fact that students who play sport for their school are the only ones being restricted in their actions and expenses.

The Great Depression of 1929

Topic & Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue


The topic of this paper is the Great Depression of 1929. This paper will be analytical only. It will show what are the main causes for the Great Depression to occur and how it impacted the western world. Finally, this paper will show how the Great Depression was solved mainly in terms of economic policies implemented using economic theories.


Unemployment From the Early 20th Century to Today


Topic & Type of Paper

The social issue that I have chosen to write about is the evolution of unemployment from the early twentieth century to today in Quebec. This paper will be analytical. It will analyze what has caused unemployment throughout the years, what solutions were applied and can be applied, and how people live when unemployed.