Homelessness and the psychology behind it.

Homelessness and the psychology behind it.

Mathew Dupere


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Final essay


American Apparel: Not what you thought

Fashion in High School was all about “American Apparel.”  The vast majority of students would be covered from head to toe with the company’s clothing on a daily basis. The trend has died down, but there are still several supporters of the company. However, it was such an impactful trend that people started to ignore their advertisements. This should not be a surprise, due to the fact that when people are sincerely attached to a product line, they tend to ignore any possible negativity that halo’s over the company.

Women's Rights and Sexual Violence: How Volunteering at the Women's Center of Montreal Can Help the Problem


Last Thursday, Robin Camp, a Canadian judge who gained popularity last year when he asked a sexual assault victim why she could not just keep her “knees together”, resigned from Federal Court. It was a rare event in the Canadian justice system and was followed by the release of a report from the Judicial Council which demanded him to be fired.

Camera Movements through TV Directors Job

Have you ever think of all the work that is accomplished behind the screen? In the world of media, several combined movements can create a news report. Camera maneuvers are used to provide different angles and perspectives. That represents one of the several skills the TV news Director needs to know to obtain the attention of the audience. The basic camera movements will be demonstrated through the TV news Director job. It is possible to classify the technique in five categories: the tilt, the pan, the handheld, the dolly, and the pedestal.

How to Be the Perfect News Reader

Reading a news report is not as easy as it looks. A lot of people may think that it is the easiest job a journalist could ask for, but it takes a lot of preparation and work to perform well when the camera turns on. The anchorman will need to prepare himself and follow these six steps: watch the news but also read the news, practice speaking aloud, record himself, learn to read from distance and avoid speaking with familiar language and the using of words such as “ch”, “and” and “uh”.


Step 1: Watch the News

A Passion

Journalism is an important part of our society. It helps people to learn new elements, new ideas about different subjects. It is the reason why I want to show the people interested how to become a sports journalist, because sports journalism is also one of the most important parts of the medias. The students will need to know some terms and materials related to this domain and will need to follow these five steps: develop his writings skills, become a sports maniac, gain experience, get a journalism degree and find a job.


Writing a News Report

Writing a News Report

A news report is a journalistic text which contains facts only. It informs the reader of what is happening in his town. It is very important because it is a neutral source of information and it contains verified facts only. The following text is a process description of how to write a news report. The first part is about the main components of the text, then will be a step by step explanation and some important advices.


How to become a flight attendant

How to become a flight attendant

Being a flight attendant is a very beautiful profession but many people have prejudices against it, they think that everybody can do the job. In fact, the air hostess have to go through a very long and selective training process. The companies are always looking for a specific kind of person. To obtain the job, there are 3 main aspects. That person needs some basics resources and knowledge, a lot of tests and a long training.

The Target Market

The Target Market

The target market is a concept that’s is a little bit hard to understand sometimes. So here is a process description on how to find the target market, and its importance. The two ways of finding it will be looked at, those ways are: analyzing the demographics and then, analyzing the psychographics. Lastly, the importance of the target market will be tackled.

The Camera Control Unit Procedure

Camera Control Unit Procedure


The Camera control unit is an equipment which is operated with remote controls. Remote controls are used for the treatment of the images of cameras. With the succeeding steps, the remote controls will adjust each image of cameras. As a result, the images should have the same appearance on television. There are six steps to follow: the adjustment of the black, the white, the flare, the gamma, the detail and the saving procedure.