Escaping North Korea by Boat ?

Are people trying to escape North Korea? In the past couple of months there have been wooden boats popping up on Japanese shores with dead bodies. All the bodies have been decomposed. These boats are thought to be fishing boats from North Korea. Many letters have been found on the boat having “Korean Peoples Army” written on it. Is this the only way out for North Koreans? Taking a boat? The fishermen from North Korea are a selective few who do not have to work in the labor camps and can actually leave the mainland.

The Modern Day Taxi Cab

A huge controversy in the western world is, uber vs. cab. Uber is an alternative to calling a taxi cab. Its an app that you can download that gives you the ability to call a driver at your fingertips. Instead of paying the driver at the end of your trip your credit card is connected so you can get right out. The fee is even have that of a cab. Ultimately uber is convenience at its finest, which is only bad for one group of people, taxi drivers. Recently in Toronto a protest has been going on trying to ban uber, ran by cab drivers.

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The month of November has been an eye opener to say the least. Early in the month, the gruesome terrorist attacks on Paris took place, and now, as the month has come to an end, an unruly statistic has emerged. In November alone, Canada sadly lost 35,700 jobs. The amount of public-administration jobs dropped by 32,500, which is a pretty crazy statistic when you look at 32,000 increase in jobs in the month of October. The number is so drastic that it was enough to raise Canada’s unemployment rate up by one tenth of a percentage up from 7 to 7.1%.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

     Orca whales are cool. They’re big, powerful, beautiful and befriend troubled orphan boys, if Hollywood is to be believed. They are also starving. The resident orca pods off of Canada’s west coast are reliant on Chinook salmon, a fish stock that has been declining in recent years. An article by Daniel Chasan, To save the orcas, do we need to demolish dams?, points out how this problem has been particularly damaging to the endangered southern resident pod found in Puget Sound.

Cutting Down Locals' Voices One Tree at a Time

In a country so abundant with natural resources like trees, you'd think that companies would be mindful of where they do their logging. That is not the case in the Ghost River district in Alberta, though. In the article "Local outfitter says forestry plan is ruining his business", written by Colette Derworiz, issues of resource management in the forestry industry are discussed.


Why do we obey the law?

The "original, uncommon" plan from the Bloc

Monday was a dark day for the Bloc Québécois. While they’ve managed to gain 10 seats at the House of Commons, their leader, Gilles Duceppe, didn’t get the same chance. Honestly, is it really surprising?

Do Black People Suffer as Much as Us? What do the Children Think?


“This Is When Racial Bias Begins to Impact a Child’s Empathy for Pain, Study Suggests:” An article written by Macrina Cooper-White who claims the empathy one feels in regards to another’s pain depends on one’s own racial bias, even when it comes to a child. The author states that previous research has shown that White people sweat more when they witness a White person suffering than when it is a Black person, and that a number of doctors prescribe stronger pain medication to White patients compared to Black patients. She affirms this unconscious bias to be a racial empathy gap.

I'm Your Friend So Give Me The Job.

I chose to discuss the subject of ethics when it comes to your friends using a moral dilemma I found on the internet.

"The Partiality of Friendship