Gender Wage Gap Disparities


The article “The gender pay gap” published on The Economist explores the pay disparities between men and women. It is difficult for women to even find jobs because of what they call the “motherhood penalty”. Many employers will not hire a woman if she is planning on having children because than she will need to take time off and possibly afterwards reduce her hours of work to care for her child. Meghan, who always wanted to be a mother, worked hard in school to achieve a good career for her future.

Oil and Gad Drilling Opportunities Put Marine Sanctuaries at Risk

Marine sanctuaries along the west coast in California are natural wonders – hosting breeding sites to many marine creatures, as well as providing locals and tourists with many recreational activities. These protected sites have recently become at risk of being reduced or even eliminated thanks to a new executive order put forward by President Trump six months ago. The America First Offshore Energy Executive Order, signed in April, was aimed at expanding offshore oil and gas drilling in the Artic and Atlantic oceans.

Trump signs order sweeping away Obama’s clean power plan to address climate change – economic development or environmental protection? It’s a question.

U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order on March 29th, 2017 to terminate the Obama-era climate change regulations which restrain oil drilling and mining activities. The previous decree during the Obama-era is to lower carbon emissions from fossil fuel power plants. Thus, helping the US accomplish its commitments to a common goal reached by approximately 200 countries in Paris in 2015. Because the total carbon emission is finite, increasing carbon emissions on oil drilling and mining activities limit carbon emissions in other fields such as in policy and infrastructure.

Canadian Seal Hunting: ban it or protect it?

Seal hunting in Canada dates back over hundreds of years, but only more recently in the mid-20th century has it become extremely controversial. In the National Geographic article ‘Demand For Seal Products Has Fallen – So Why Do Canadians Keep Hunting?’ the author looks at the past and current status of the Canadian sealing industry and its uncertain future.

Harper VS Trudeau who will Tackle the Fisheries Act?


         The Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans prior to the Harper era, incorporated a law within the Fisheries Act that prohibited the harmful alteration, disruption, and destruction of fish habitats (HADD), which was imperative to integrating the ministry’s fundamental mantra of “no habitat, no fish”.

The Future of Employment for Students & the Future of Technology


For my final project, I was able to have the opportunity to speak with Diana Mihaela Baranga the Co-Founder of UpStartED, which is a company hosting the first Youth2Tech Conference held in Montreal. It is designed to introduce youth to the future. The conference will present how technology is shaping the new economy. This conference I feel will fit into what I have been researching during this class which is the issue of employment and how it has been affected as well as how it has been changing.

Say Hello to the New World; Technology


The world has been changing for the better and the worst. This change is all because of the recent development in the technology sector, where the old methods doing business have almost entirely disappeared with the ability to get information on someone in a second, through the internet. This advancement means that how companies hire and train their employees have changed as well. Now everyone must be cautious when writing online or on social media platforms. For the baby boomers, this has become a negative thing for some.

Fueling up the Gaspe


Quebec’s poorest region is on the edge of growing rich. But why is the Gaspe not rich yet? Its habitants fear the unknown; will oil extraction transform their region that’s renowned for being a natural paradise. Certain sites are already being used for production, while others still serve for exploration purposes. These sites aren’t located along the coast, though there are exceptions, but rather in the hinterlands where the population don’t hear nor see what is going on. Pollution is still happening despite being invisible claim environmentalists.