If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

When you wake up every morning, what do you do first? I usually check LINE on my smartphone. In the train for school, I often read the text messages on Twitter. After I get home, I cannot help touching my smartphone and I chat with my friends on LINE and Twitter by turns. To be honest, I feel tired from chatting on SNSs these days. Have you ever felt that SNS is such a bother? Japan has a lot of problem caused by SNSs, for example, bullying, leaking private information, and so on. I think SNS is not necessary for us.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

In Japan, there are lots of issues. For example, aging society, child abuse, death from overwork and so on. Above all, children’s poverty is changing for the worse year by year. What is the poverty? It is to be poor and embarrassed in life. Today, I will talk about one serious issue about children. We must save children from poverty. How can we deal with the issue? The government needs to give good educational opportunities to the children.

If you could change one things about the world, what would it be?

Do you know the number of children who can get some educations from parents or teachers? The number of children who can’t get some educations is 59million all over the world. According to the UNISEF study, children without educations can’t adapt to the environment when it changes suddenly. In addition, they might cause some problems to the societies such as homicide, suicide, cruel treatment and so on. This is the human’s crisis to keep our safety life. Now, we should start the “effective educations” to children to improve and solve this situation and problems.

The Leader of Women’s Education


Do you like studying? No, I do not. I think studying is difficult and boring. However, decades ago, Japanese women could not study as well as Japanese men because there was sex discrimination in Japan. Then, why can I, a Japanese woman, study now? There was one woman’s effort in the background. Today, I am going to introduce a woman whose name is Umeko Tsuda and let me tell you about how respectable she was.

Hideki Matsui’s Baseball Life

The baseball is liked around the world. Hideki Matsui is one of the most famous, Japanese professional baseball players in the world. He was born in Ishikawa prefecture in 1974. He retired from professional baseball in 2012. Now, he is serving as New York Yankees GM special adviser. He is loved by many people around the world even now. Why do I think like this? This is because he has a great character. Along with this, I will introduce his teams, his records and his baseball life now.

Teacher Diversity Problem


Major Teacher Diversity Problems in U.S. Schools

Volunteering with High School students


I went to my old High School to spend a day talking to secondary four and five students about themselves, and listen. The goal was to engage the students into thinking about what they want to do after High School. College, University, or go work. The reason why I wanted to talk to them is simply, because they are controlled by their teachers and parents. They have schedules from school to follow, and at home, but no time to think of what they want to do or what they really like. I conducted a series of activities for them to work and focus on their skills.

Mental Health and Volunteering - The Outcome


I volunteered, with my mother for support, at the Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal race, on April 22nd 2017, by handing out race packages and t-shirts to those participating in the race. I specifically put t-shirts in a bag with four safety pins while those in front of me handed the bags, or race packages, to the runners with their bibs. Runners have the chance to participate in the charity challenge after registering for the race and fundraiser for their chosen charity.

A General in the Drug War


               After our topic of drug abuse, the opiate blocker suboxone and addiction I wanted to look more into the picture behind what is really going on in someone’s brain when these drugs are present.  Contrary to popular belief, addiction is not always a choice.  Someone does not wake up one day and decide that their body is now dependent on a drug that they might have had only one time.  In the article A General in the Drug War it explains the background music of what is happening within a person’s