Blog post 1.What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history? Yuki Inoue

Question 6: What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history?

            Some people may say that films are just films, and they are just for entertainment. However, I believe that films serve the purpose of going into people’s minds automatically, and especially when they want to study, they are very effective. Films are something that people have watched definitely at least once in their lives. Films are somehow related to our lives. We sometimes watch them for fun, but sometimes they are for studying.

School system: why does the Dutch sytem work better than Quebec's


In Quebec, the school system is rather unique. After highschool, it is a totally different way than most countries, and the question we should ask ourselves is: does different mean better? I do no think that having a different school system is a nuisance, although Quebec's system is not excellent either. In fact in 2012-2013, the drop rate was almost at 16%, which was the best year since a very long time.

What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history?


For me personally, film can serve as a major tool in learning or telling history in a classroom setting. There are things lectures and slideshows are simply incapable of accomplishing that a film can accomplish on a regular basis. The first film that comes to mind that backs up this claim is Waltz with Bashir. The film is able to reanimate the story of the soldiers that fought within the Lebanon War in 1982. The point is that film makes history come to life.

Blog1: What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history?

Who doesn’t love watching movies in a classroom! When the teacher tells you that you will be watching a film today in class, you’re ready to get the popcorn out and put your feet up while others plunge into their seats - half of them paying attention while other snooze or text. We can imagine this because we have all been there at one time or another.

40 millions pour illuminer le pont Jacques-Cartier … est-ce logique?


Croyez vous que dépenser 40,000,000 dollars sur des lumières pour illuminer le pont Jacques cartiers c'est un bon investissement ou non ? L'honneur de 375e anniversaire de Montréal et le 150e de la fondation du Canada, il a été de penser $40,000,000 pour les luminaire pour l'année de la ville.

Japanese School System


As read from a Japanese writer,the Japanese school system is very different from america's. Students spend more time at school in Japan, as they have 3 semesters instead of 2 like us. They also have longer semesters, and less vacations. In fact, bet ween all three semesters, they get 6 weeks of vacation in the summer, and 2 weeks between each semester(winter and spring break). Most of the time, even though these are "vacations", students are loaded with homework.

Dress codes disappearing?


Dress codes disappearing?


The Reality of Rural Living and the Effects on the Education Systems


On Jan. 22, 2017, Kristin Rushowy wrote an article for the Toronto Star on a rural school in Ontario closing because there were not enough students to be able to stain the building itself. This occurrence is resulting in many families having to send their kids to another school, which happens to be a lot farther than the other school. Some children now have to travel about an hour and a half to get to school.

My Beatiful Dark Twisted Crime

William Gendron Rousseau


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Crime


  Once upon a time, a teenager called William was studying in a very dark school called Seminaire of Chicoutimi. Like all the kids ; William had friend . Those friends had a bad influence on him. Their names was Maxime and Gabriel.


The candy thief

A long time ago, in a small town in Saguenay, a young boy lived a peaceful life with his two brothers. The boy was an ordinary boy without anything special. One day, on a bright winter day, after receiving his earnings for putting the garbage’s out, the little boy was eager to finally buy something with own money. The boy went as fast as he could to the nearest store and began wandering around the tall alleys of the store. After a while, he then picks a bag of candy and put it in his pocket.