Media Convergence: An Ongoing Process

According to Henry Jenkins, a theoretician of culture and convergence, “media convergence is an ongoing process that should not be viewed as a displacement of old media, but rather as interaction between media forms and platforms”. Indeed, to understand the dynamics of the media industry and the future of journalism itself, it is important to understand the meaning and the different aspects of this multidimensional concept.                          

How to Spot Fake News

During the last presidential campaign in the United States, an article written by an individual with Republican ideologies illustrates Hillary Clinton’s relationnist being arrested because of the famous email scandal. Thousands of internet users shared on their social media walls an information that was sadly fake. Seeing this phenomena proves that it is primordial to learn the characteristics and the clear definition of fake news. So, the reader would be able to spot fake news, develop his curiosity and establish research concerning specific facts.

Education Opportunities: Women's Rights

The issue of women’s rights can be approached in many different ways.  Everyday, women from around the world face various challenges simply because of their sex, and these challenges can be increased by other factors such as race, education, and social class. Although the need for the defense of women’s rights in western society is constantly questioned, Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres stated as recently as last March 13 that “women’s rights are under attack worldwide” (Lederer for TIME magazine).

The creation process of a publicity


Publicity is something that surrounds us in our everyday life, but a lot of people do not understand the process that is behind all of those creations. There are three main aspects in this process which are: finding the problem, exploring ideas and finally, creating the publicity.


Looking at body image through different disciples

Positive body Image gives the right to both male and female to appreciate their appearances and is content with their bodies. Whereas people who suffer from negative body image treat their appearances to not be adequate enough for society, mass media or themselves.  The three important idioms to look into body image are; public health, psychology and child/adolescent psychiatry. These three topics which will be later discussed are important to the subject of body image.  


How to Have Creative and Strong Ideas


An idea is a combination of old and new elements, a thought that generates in the mind. As creators, ideas are essential, but having one that is strong and creative represents the most challenging part. The combination of these two elements symbolizes business success in your career. Ideas may appear easily, but to find the best one, a specific formula helps the process.

It represents six easy steps:

1-Find information around you

2-Work and wait

3-Eureka moment

4-Shape and develop the idea

5-Share it

6-Repeat the steps

Column chromatography

Marc-André Côté


Column Chromatography

Introduction :

Academic Disciplines and Campus Sexual Violence

The news reports and articles published by mass media solely cover the surface of the issue of campus sexual violence. Academic researchers, on the other hand, write about their more detailed and narrowed research which, by the way, it is written, seems to be only accessible to the people who are already familiar with the research topic but is still seeking to further their knowledge and understanding of the issue. 


Want to hear my story?


Want to hear my story?


[Possibility of New Power] Behind Closed Doors


Health reporter, Olivia Lerche, from Express newspaper, wrote an article that describes a woman suffering from social anxiety disorder who wrote a book to help others understand the symptoms of the disorder. The title of the article “Social anxiety disorder: Woman describes mental health battle after nervous breakdown” clearly describes what the article is about.