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The Prefecture Warm Island in Japan

There are many cities and prefectures in Japan. Among them, I especially would like to visit Okinawa prefecture. I have a reason why I like to go there. When I was a high school student, I could not decide whether to go to Okinawa or Hawaii as a school trip and I chose Hawaii, so I could not go to Okinawa. After finishing our school trip, one of my friends told me “I could experience lots of fun things in Okinawa.” When I heard of it, I just thought I should have chosen Okinawa. I researched Okinawa. Let me introduce you about Okinawa’s profile, history, and sightseeing places.

Wonderful Island to Visit

Japanese people always say about a place that has a beautiful beach, delicious foods, fresh fruits and warm temperature when summer vacation comes. I was curious about that, because I really like kind of that place and I tried to ask Japanese people about that place, “The place is Okinawa” they said. I was searching the information about Okinawa immediately and then I saw many good views and delicious foods. The most important thing is Okinawa has warm temperature, so I was excited to go to Okinawa as soon as possible. This time, I will explain about Okinawa.


The Prefecture of Sanuki Udon

While many tourists know all about Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hokkaido, not many people know about the prefectures at the bottom of Japan. No, it is not Okinawa. In fact, the smallest prefecture in Japan is near the bottom of Japan, in an area called Shikoku. This particular prefecture is called Kagawa. I personally have not been to Kagawa, nor passed through it before. However, there are many unique places and things to enjoy there. I will be introducing Kagawa’s signature dish, Sanuki Udon, Ritsurin Koen, Megijima Island, and a shopping arcade in Takamatsu city.


Is Ghost in the Shell Hollywood’s Latest Whitewashed Movie? The Lack of Opportunity and the Restrictive Representation of Asian Actors on Screen

“50% of all film, TV and digital services don’t have a named or speaking Asian character” (Waurenchen, “Race” 6). Although individuals of Asian descent constitute 5.6% of the population of the United States (Wikipedia contributors), they are exceedingly underrepresented in Hollywood’s predominantly white film industry, often restricted to portray a select few roles constructed upon racial stereotypes.

The Power of Social Media Influence: Morality in Youtube Sponsorships

The Power of Social Media Influence: Morality in Youtube Sponsorships


Provocative and Perilous

     Parisian fashion house Yves Saint Laurent boasts an iconic name in both the fashion and beauty industries, known for its luxury products and exclusivity. However, to stay a frontrunner and primary influencer in the constantly changing fashion industry, Saint Laurent must execute its advertising with an unparalleled artistry that provokes thought and offers consumers an incentive to purchase their products. As a result their advertisements are often provocative, a quality that Saint Laurent took too far in their Spring 2017 campaign by designer Anthony Vacarello.

Partisanship kills democracy?

With the fast developments in media technology, viewers should be able to receive a “similar picture of the political world, featuring conflicting perspectives on political issues” (Davis 2016). However, that is currently not the case for consumers in the United States. The market is dominated by a hand full of corporations, as consequence when it comes to news media the messages filtered through are very limited: Conservative, Liberal, and sometimes neutral. 

League of Misogyny, by Riot Games

Online videogames are becoming more and more popular, it is estimated that about 500 million people worldwide play videogames for at least one hour each day. (Blake, M.) With this increasing popularity, videogames are becoming a regular part of people’s lives. Since this is the case, the fact that videogames are affecting people is undoubtedly true. The issue at hand is that some videogames are having negative consequences on individuals. The most popular videogame in the world is called League of Legends.