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Blog Post #1 Q.7

Historical films affect and construct our understanding of history by being a medium in which the greater public engages with history. A good historical film should not only accurately represent the event or period but also pique the viewers’ interest. Just calling a film “historical” doesn’t make it so. Unfortunately a lot of people will think a film is an authority on a subject because it is “historical” or “based on true events.” This means that viewers and film makers have to be careful with historical films.

Blog Post 1 "Waltz for Bashir."

2. A number of the films deal with issues of authorship and whose voice should be used in telling a story. Whose stories are being told in films (or in a specific film) we watched in class? Who should tell these stories? 

Japanese School System


As read from a Japanese writer,the Japanese school system is very different from america's. Students spend more time at school in Japan, as they have 3 semesters instead of 2 like us. They also have longer semesters, and less vacations. In fact, bet ween all three semesters, they get 6 weeks of vacation in the summer, and 2 weeks between each semester(winter and spring break). Most of the time, even though these are "vacations", students are loaded with homework.

A Fading Culture


In a conference with BBC News, June 29 2017, Jocelyn Wabano-lahtail communicates her preoccupations about indigenous persons in Canada. Being myself originally from Peru, I can very much understand her struggles. In the past multiples indigenous groups were assimilated or even killed. In my country when Spanish people came, they killed a lot of men and raped the women that is why now Latinos are not very considered indigenous, because we are pretty much a mix now.

The writer of Attack on Titan

Do you know ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’? It is a series of manga and very famous among young Japanese people. However, this writer is not known by many people. The writer is Hajime Isayama. He was born in Oita in 1986 and his hobby is watching internet. Do you want to know him more? I want you to know him, so I will tell you three topics. First topic is why he decided to become a comic artist, second one is about Shingeki no Kyojin and last one is the reasons why he is cool. These topics are interesting, so let’s start from first topic.

A Gifted Director

Do you know a person who is a gifted director in Japan? I think you know the man who founded Studio Ghibli. His name is Miyazaki Hayao. Have you heard of this name? He is famous in the world. His job is not only a movie director, but also an animator and a cartoonist. He has a good sense to make something such as animation movies, drawing pictures and so on, but he doesn’t depend on it. He is very stoic with himself. Why is he famous around the world? I want you to know about him.

cool Japanese


 Do you like music? I like music and there are many artists whom I respect very much. Today I would like to introduce a cool Japanese artist. His name is Hiroji Miyamoto. Do you know him? He is the member of band "Elephant Kashimashi". This band and vocal is very famous in Japan. There are many great artist in Japan, but many people respect him and the band. He produced many songs and there are many great points of him. Today, I want to introduce how great he is.

Great Person to Me

Most people may have a person who they respect for something. For example, singing, fashion or sports. A person I respect is KenKen. He is a Japanese bass guitar player and he is joining many bands. For instance, RIZE, Dragon Ash, FUZZY CONTROL and more. He is from Tokyo, Setagaya and 31 years old now. His family are Nobuaki Kaneko as a brother, Mari Kaneko as a mother and Jonny Yoshinaga as his father. All member of his family are musician and he was affected by them. I will introduce them later. Then, I will write about his family and a reason why I respect him in this essay.

My reapectable softball player

Do you like sports? If you like them, what kind of sports do you like? I like many sports. I especially like softball because I have played softball for three years of my junior high school and enjoyed playing it and watching the games as well. At that time, I wanted to be a good softball player and I found a role model. Her name is Yukiko Ueno. she is a very hard worker and I respect her very much. Let me introduce the profile of Yukiko Ueno, her personality, her strength, and the reasons why I like her.