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The Question of Identity and Aesthetic

Am I my aesthetic? 

It seems like an easy enough question but I wouldn't want to answer it without really questioning myself.

Are You Your Aesthetic?

Am I my aesthetic? I believe I'm not but at the same time I believe I am.

Are you your aesthetic?

Is the question "do i wear things that i find beautiful because they are beautiful?" If so, the answer is no. I love Nike and Rebook, i wear them not because i like the brand or other people like them but because i like the color or the texture.  I wear clothes because they are comfortable and because we have to. Wait... do we?

Are You Your Aesthetic?

Am I my aesthetic? My answer would be both, yes and no.

Like most people, I get influenced by the media. I am a huge fan of Korean idols and actors. They all have great body proportions and flawless skin. Seeing how beautiful they look somehow make me feel self-conscious. But then I have to remind myself that those celebrities are also insecure about themselves because they are human and not to mention the world of editing make a huge difference on how people look.

Are You Your Aesthetic

I believe that I am my own aesthetic because what I choose to wear reflects who I am. I don’t let the opinions of other influence my style.  Despite my unique style, I do occasionally buy into brand names. For example, I don’t play basketball but I appreciate the Jordan running shoes because of the styles they offer to consumers. Despite this I am also open minded to stray from popular brands and to experiment with different styles. I also can see how people get hooked into the idea that brands make the person. When they mimic a certain style they lose their individuality.  

Am I My Aesthetic?

I’ll answer to the question as I understand it, “are you how you look on the surface?”

yes and not.

A Hidden Gem at the Osler Library

    At the Osler Library, you can find a plethora of rare books on medicine. Among the rows of shelves, there are treasures such as the “De humani corporis fabrica libri septem” (1543) by Vesalius (worth 500 000 USD), but there are also hidden gems. One of them is the book “Aristotle’s Master-Pieces or Every Woman’s Book! Displaying all the Secrets of Nature as Exhibited in the Creation of Man”. At first glance, it seems fairly unremarkable; its cover is tattered, its pages are pages stained - it’s clear that the book has been heavily used.

"Are you your aesthetic?"

Honestly, in part, I think I am my aesthetic as I end up wearing whatever I want, regardless of what people think. However, I feel as my aesthetic slightly varies as I get older. As for now, I enjoy really warm colours that contrast heavily against different skin tones. My aesthetic is a bit toned down but not dull. For example, I don't enjoy looking at or even wearing things that have elements that don't flow because they contrast too much and in the wrong areas. For the most part, it involves maximum comfort, as well.

Are you your aesthetic?

Are you your aesthetic?

Honestly, party yes and partly no.

Yes because I mostly wear clothes that are simple and comfortable. These two qualities are important as I want to feel good with what I wear and I do not feel any need to stand out. I might also wear used clothes as I'm not fond of wasting them  nor buying new ones when they're still in good/usable shape.