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The Art of Scheduling

In professional life, dealing with deadlines on a daily basis becomes normal. Working on a long-term project can be heavy work, if not properly prepared. Making the best of a time given by scheduling the workload is highly suggested. This is a process description of how to manage a television production schedule in VFX. In television making, VFX is used as an abbreviation of visual effects which are animations that are generated by a computer. By producing an accurate schedule, this process ensures the right connection between the workers and the supervisors.

The Key To Success

Although individualism is a very common mentality to the human kind, somehow group celebration is also very common. Age, color of skin or even gender have no impacts when it comes to celebrating. Rarely an event is successful due to simple luck, generally, months of hard preparation are behind such an event. Obviously, there is a beginning to everything starting with four steps: Signing a contract, finding a team, creating a budget and assuring the continuity of the event.


Step 1: Signing the Contract  

How to set up a radio station

How to set up a radio show


The key to set up a good and perfect radio show is preparation. There is a lot to think about and it is important to prepare before setting everything in action. That is why it is needed to think about, before, while and after the show. Think about all the components needed.



Create a Logo

Create a Logo

A logo is a graphic mark (or a symbol) used by commercial enterprises and organizations to promote instant public recognition. Even though logos are just small images, they carry a whole lot of meanings. Logos have a big role, they represent the company. It is important for a company to have a meaningful logo. The procedure to create a logo is outlined in the following six steps: Learn more about the client, brainstorm, choose the colors, test the logo, receive feedback and use a software.

Step 1: Learn More About the Client

How to make Clothing?

In 2017, fashion is considered as an art by many people. During the 20th century, the emergence of high fashion, the invention of trends and celebrities influence have helped the world of fashion to become more important during the last decades. That means fashion designers are artists because making clothes requires a lot of imagination and dexterity. The art of designing clothes is really important to become a good and revolutionary fashion designer. It is a hard process that includes various steps from sketching to sewing

How to Take a Good Photography

How to Take a Good Picture

Photography is a type of art considered hard to learn and difficult to do. Somehow, there are tricks and tips to learn it quick, and steps to follow to succeed. There are major steps to follow to capture the best picture. It starts with choosing a subject and image composition; followed by technical work with the camera and then post-production. These are the basics, but it is possible to add more actions, depending on the type of photography.

How to Prepare a Press Conference



Companies, artists…every organisation sometimes needs to gain a little bit more visibility to express news or to announce an event. And to be well considered by the media, organising a press conference is a good idea. But how to prepare a successful press conference? The place and the time should be well chosen and the information well-transmitted.


How a Fashion Trend is Made ?

Fashion is becoming not only a job, but a passion for young people who like to dress themselves as fashion consultant. It is more than just a step in a morning routine, it is a way to express yourself and show who you really are. Fashion trends are becoming more popular these days, nut only a few people know how a trend is made. It is a nine step process that can not be easier to understand.

How to Write a Radio Ad

How to Write a Radio Ad


How to Write a Radio Script.

How to Write a Radio Script.


When listening to the radio in a car, a kitchen or at work have you ever wondered if writing a radio script was the same as an essay text? What is following, is a process description of how to write a radio script, according to how it is teach in Media, Art and Technology at the Cégep de Jonquière. This technique can also be used for a television preview or even a radio publicity. This way of writing can be used for any subject for example for a show, an event, some news. The following four steps will help to write a good radio script: