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A religieuse object or a weapon? 



A religieuse object or a weapon? 

Selma - Great and Ordinary People

Evan Wight

FILM 2907

Dr. Marisha Caswell

December 3, 2017

Blog Post 2: Topic 8

            Selma was a film that stood out for me because it focused on larger-than-life historical figures, most notably Martin Luther King Jr., and ordinary people. The film managed to de-mystify the great individuals of the time period while also emphasizing the role of the common activist.

The Shore Line Project

  1. One thing that I did not know before engaging in this site is that coral reefs all over the world are in danger of going extinct. Climate change is causing bleaching coral reefs, creating a lack of food, and bringing infections and diseases upon the coral reefs. I was aware that climate change was devastating a lot of plant and ocean life, but it never occurred to me that the coral reefs were being affected.

The Shore Line Project Assignment

1) I learned that climate change is even affecting professions that has nothing to do with it to take a stand against it. For example, video game developers are working on games that simutales the affects of climate change and how one must maneuver around them.

Project - Sustainable tour of Scandinavia

Here is the first step which I have taken towards the creation of a sustainable tour of Scandinavia. This is an informative pamphlet which would be given to prospective tourists (before their trip) so that they can be better informed of sustainable practices. My next step will be to publish the full 7-day itinerary of the tour that I am creating, along with the full pre-trip briefing that the travelers will receive before embarking.

Who can tell whose story and why the story is more important that the teller?

This blog post concerns the telling of stories and who can tell them.

The main films that this post will focus on are "Half of a Yellow Sun" and "Rhymes for Young Ghouls".

The former film is based on the Biafran War told from the perspective of the ruling Igbo people and how the class clash between the Igbo and the Hausa tears a country apart and millions die in the process.

The latter film, on the Canadian residential school system and its intergenerational effects is told from and by indigenous people.

What is Canada’s Real Strength?


The author suggests that immigrants in Canada do not pursue all/most of their cultural activities and often adopt the country’s ways of doing. Herself an immigrant, Catherine says that she would often hear people in her family say that “they were in Canada now” to explains cultural changes in practices. Many people believe that Canada’s strength is to let people practice their first culture, but the author’s hypothesis is that newcomers often abide to their new country’s culture.

North Africa Sustainable Tourism


This is a pamphelt I wrote to educate people about sustainable tourism in North Africa fannie_chiasson_-_travel_responsibly_in_north_africa.docx