The Importance of Integrity in light of your definition of Ethics.

by nspatz on February 1, 2014 - 8:47pm

Read: “The Importance of Integrity” by Harvey Schachter

Write: Comment about this article and your definition of an ethical business and post on NewsActivist.

Comment: Use Word Spellcheck and then select either Paperrater, Virtual Writing Tutor or Grammarly to correct your entry on Ethical Business and then write a comment to your own post about which errors you found in your own writing using these online grammar correctors.

Due date: This project is due on February 14. Happy Valentine's Day!

Grading rubric for this writing assignment:

3 points - How well did you collaborate on the Google Drive document being done in teams with Cégep de Jonquière? 
1 point - Did you introduce yourself?
1 point - Did you mention an article about business ethics in Corporate Knights?
2 points - Did you define the term "ethical business"?
2 points - Did you explain why a business that you describe fits your definition of an ethical business?
3 points - Did you explain the article by Harvey Shacter and make some sort of link between it and the business you are describing?
3 points - Did you comment about the feedback you got on grammar from the diagnostic test and from virtualwriting tutor?

Total 15 points as a writing assignment. It will count as one of the assignments for the 15% part of the grade for Written Text Content.

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Norm Spatz entered the Cégep system in 1989 teaching Architectural Technology in French. As a result of declining enrolment in his original department and the reform which made English a core studies requirement, he became an ESL teacher in 1997 but never abandoned his technical interests.