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Read the Wikipedia defintion of an idiom at Once you understand what an idiom is, look through the dictionary of idioms at Daves ESL Café.

1. Select one idiom out of the idioms in the list at Dave's ESL café. Google the idiom surrounded with quotation marks ("idiom") as well as the words "ethics" and "business". Post a link to an article that you find and then paste a paragraph containing that idiom into the same post.

2. Grading Rubric - 3 points

Pasted a paragraph containing an idiom from Daves ESL café in an online article about business ethics - 3 points


Research a Canadian Company

Karelle Senécal-Jean

How I found a company, I even find it myself thinking for a Canadian company environmental and I found the Cascades Company. Cascades Recovery Inc. is in the business of managing discarded recyclable materials. We handle over 1.56 million tons of recyclable materials annually, processing the material at our 21 material recovery facilities located across Canada and the US. As one of Canada’s largest collector, processor and marketer of recyclable materials, they have been providing recycling services to the Commercial, Industrial, Graphics and Municipal sectors for over 33 years. They assist our customers in achieving their sustainability goals while delivering cost effective material recovery methods.

I Think that Cascades is politically correct and very ethical. The company is very green and that’s what makes this company a green company and equitable. As part of the Cascades Inc. Specialty Products Group, we support Cascades’ sustainability goals and responsible packaging. Through our material recovery systems, recyclable discarded materials are collected and processed for use in new products. Together, they are responsible manufacturers of paper and packaging.

This company is ethical because they respect nature and think green first. Many companies have gained a bad reputation, because they just thinking about make money and forget ethics but Cascades is ethical and this is why the company is recognized for its environmental ethics.

The logo represents the nature and the slogan represent what the company what to reflect.

Respect,Team Work,Autonomy,Adaptability,

Initiative, Communication.

They represent the nature.

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Norm Spatz entered the Cégep system in 1989 teaching Architectural Technology in French. As a result of declining enrolment in his original department and the reform which made English a core studies requirement, he became an ESL teacher in 1997 but never abandoned his technical interests.