Fracking: UK vs. US views and approaches

by DrEmmaH on November 17, 2014 - 3:23am

This week’s task is to have a discussion on fracking different public and governmental approaches in the UK and the USA. Publish a summary of your discussion to News Activist. You need to do this by Sunday 23rd November


Key questions to consider (you dont have to answer all of these, they are just to help get the discusion started!)

1)     What are the drivers in the UK and USA for the development of fracking?

2)     What are the UK/USA government’s main party’s positions on fracking (i.e. pro/anti/divided)?

a.     In the UK consider Labour, Liberal Democrats & Conservatives

3)     Where in the USA and the UK are suitable for fracking & which areas have already been fracked?

4)     What is the fracking potential in the USA/UK and can this meet demand/bring down bills?

5)     What are they key concerns around fracking in the USA/UK?

a.     How & why are the concerns different?

6)     What are public perceptions of fracking in the UK/USA?

7)     What is the current media view on fracking in the UK/USA?

8)     What (if any) are the benefits of fracking?

9)     What are the viable alternatives to fracking in the UK/USA?

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