SuperPost and Commenting Assignment

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SuperPost and Commenting Assignment

Below you will see an assignment with a due date of Feb 18, 2015.

You can see the results of my students' work at this class page, and just scroll down to around February 18 to see how the students complete the assigment:

This was a 10% assignment that required each student submit one original post and also make two comments at work submitted in another class. This was assigned, after students had been asked to submit several short posts about the news throughout the semesetr. You also see, below, what I expect when I ask a student to comment on another student's post. My teaching partner and I timed it so that my students were commenting on my teaching partner's students' work soon after it was submitted and so that soon after my students submit their "SuperPost" the students' from my teaching partner's classes will be ready to give my class feedback.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions by commenting on this post!

 “SuperPost”-8%- Two comments- 2%

Due February 18 at 330PM


You will submit one “Super-post”, in which you summarize and incorporate ideas from three or more sources all about the same issue: animals, environment, crime and law, from the list of subjects at newsactivist. At least one article must be local (within Quebec) and one from another location on the planet, so you can draw connections between local and distant news. The issue you consider in this “Super-post” will be an issue you will likely continue to further research or volunteer work.

Your post should be written in the form of a short essay, with a brief introduction naming the sources you will be describing and the general issue to which the sources relate. The body paragraphs summarize the information in any way you determine is most interesting and clear. Drawing connections between local and global issues will be a way to contribute something new to this issue. Your conclusion describes your overall views on the issue and suggests a way you could imagine improving the issue.  

Links to the news articles should be given within the text and include MLA style bibliographic information provided at the end of the post.

General Marking Grid for “SuperPost”

Summaries- /6

Editing/Style/Flow/Connections/ Originality /2

Two comments- 2%

To get started with this assignment, or, after you complete it, to make good use of your recently discovered research, you will make two comments on work submitted in the Marianopolis Media Ethics courses. There are three sections who have posted about ethical dilemmas in the news. Find two posts that interest you and add a comment: 1) first explain something positive about the post 2) contribute either a link, a personal anecdote, or a challenge to the quality of the sources used, where you clearly explain why the link, anecdote, or challenge to the source’s quality might be worth the student taking into account if they choose to to revise their piece.

The courses I’d like you to post on:

Collaboration and Feedback

A neat example of collaboration. Awareness of what NA can do could be raised significantly, if such examples were presented more widely. Norm’s ACPQ presentation was rather convincing, in this respect.
Since you mention expectations, a fairly obvious item on a wishlist could be support for rubrics. There are probably some collaborative tools which allow for rubrics, but they may not have “cracked the nut” on peer assessment. It could be a neat opportunity for NA to move things forward in terms of peer instruction.