Super Flexible Course Reflection Assignment

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Super Flexible Course Reflection Assignment

This is something I used in a general education humanities course at the Cegep level. I had pre-arranged collaboration with an anthropologist; however, my students ended up in dialogue with lots of other random students using Newsactivist that semester. The course was about gender and world views, but this sort of assignment would work well with any course at any level as it's incredibly flexible.








Go to and click “Register”

  1. Set up an account Choosing “Gendered World Views”
  • Please make sure you choose the right section number!
  1. Wait for me to authorize you
  2. Verify your account by email before you can do anything by clicking on the link that sends you
  3. Make sure you add your Newsactivist username to the class list so that I know who you are (this should be a pseudonym so that your posts remain anonymous)



While you’re waiting, start your assignment in Word (this way you will not lose your work if the site crashes)!

  • Write an original post of approximately 200 words (you may write up to 500 words if you wish) on an issue of your choosing, related to gendered world views.
  • An original post should have a short, catchy, and descriptive title that tells potential readers what you will be talking about.
  • The content of the post should complement the title, explaining a theoretical concept, describing a controversy, or asking an important question about gendered worldviews that you find particularly interesting. For example, you might title a post “Not Enough Good Female Role Models in Hollywood,” and then proceed to write 1-2 short paragraphs explaining what a good female role model looks like and why there aren’t enough of them in Hollywood. Other examples include the category of gender itself, the experience of playing with highly gendered toys, the definition of a world view, etc...
  • Make sure you explain why this issue/controversy/question is important.
  • Posts should raise awareness about a gender-based issue that you believe your peers need to discuss in greater detail, and you should approach it like a short blog entry.
  • Finally, original posts should link to at least 1 piece of resource material that will help people educate themselves on the issue; this can be a news article, abstract for a scholarly journal article, link to an accessible book on google books, reddit forum, or high-quality blog like Salon, Gawker, or Jezebel.

You will lose marks if:

  • The material that you link to does not exists or is irrelevant
  • The title is too long/unclear or contains spelling or grammatical errors
  • There are major spelling and grammatical errors in the body of the text



  1. Choose "create content", and then "article." When it asks you what kind of article you want to create, choose "editorial."
    • PLEASE NOTE: When uploading the article, do not click "friends only" unless you want the post to be invisible to the internet! Lower down the page, there will be a bar called "group content visibility". Click that and set it to "public".
    • If you would like the post to remain invisible to everyone other than me, then choose "friends only" and add the user sarahwaurechen
  2. Remember to MIO me a link to your post to confirm that you have finished the assignment
  3. Email yourself a copy of the Word document so that you have a backup.
Thank you for posting this!

Thank you for posting this!