seeking collaborators for a CEGEP ESL class (ideally high intermediate, 102) Fall 2016

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seeking collaborators for a CEGEP ESL class (ideally high intermediate, 102) Fall 2016


CEGEP de Jonquière

Here is what I have in mind, but I am of course willing to modify my plan to make it fit with another teacher's needs....

Step 1: In order to familiarize my students to News Activist, I will ask them to find one (or more) article they find interesting on the website and post a comment in answer to it. My challenge here is that I would like them to read articles that correspond to their future assignment : essays written by students that are about the same level as them (high intermediate) with approximately the same criteria (450 words and three main ideas). If you have already posted or plan on posting early in the fall 2016 semester such student essays, I could direct my students to your class(es).

Step 2: After I have corrected my students' midterm exams (an essay on a sociocultural issue related to their field of study), they will have to edit their copies before posting them on News Activist, and I would like them to get comments from students from outside the college. I am thus looking for a teacher who would like to match his/her class with mine so our students could interact with each other asynchronously.


Sounds great!


I'm a Humanities teacher (and incidentally, the founder of this site) teaching a critical thinking course this fall and my students could be a good fit for part 2.

They will be first semester, first year CEGEP students at Champlain and it will be likely the first time the majority of these Champlain Saint-Lambert students are studying in English, although they aren't an ESL group, as such.

My students could be asked to participate on step two,  providing feebdack to your class's midterm essays, commenting on any critical thinking strengths or weaknesses they discover, but also engaging with your students content. This will likely get your students excited about the work they are developing, as they will be writing for a guaranteed audience.

I'm not sure step 1 will fit with my class, however, I'm going to introduce you to some experienced teachers at the site whom I think will fit well with your goals soon!

Thanks for posting! Looking forward to collaborating!




Thank you so much for your response to my request for collaboration. I'm sorry I did not answer earlier, but I am clearly interested in your offer of having your students read and comment my students' midterm essays. I expect to have 30 students this semester, so if I don't lose any in the course of the semester I should have 30 essays posted at the end of October or beginning of November. I hope it fits with your reality and that you are still interested in this collaboration.

Fall 2016 SOC 100 course


I'm planning to use NewsActivist with my SOC 100 class at the University of Rhode Island this fall. IT will have 54 students and I imagine students will be writing 3 brief blogs posts on social issues of interest to them. They will start with a critical response to a newsmagazine article and then write two critical responses to social science research articles. Part of the course is also aimed at increasing their recognition and critical thinking about cultural difference. I would love to have them selecting a few NewsActivists to reply to about three times during the semester. Depending on the topics of your students' midterm based posts this might work for my course.

Let me know if you think this might be worth talking about in more detail.


Hi Eric,

Hi Eric,

I do think we could have our students collaborate; if your students post their first blog early enough, I would have my 30 students read some as part of a brainstorming activity to help them find a good topic for their own assignments. I would also ask them to post some comments, which I think would be appreciated by your students. Then, maybe your students could look and comment my students' essays which they will post at the end of October or early November...



I'm concerned that October and November will not be a good fit for my students to do work giving feedback to yours, Jean-Michel. However, it may work into our essay writing section. If Eric fits well with your timeline, I will have my students participate in feedback in October/November, if it turns out to be a good fit. I will check back in as the semester unfolds!