Seeking Collaborative Partners

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Seeking Collaborative Partners

Dear Colleagues:

I am interested in working with faculty partners to create collaborative course experiences in the upcoming semeters. I've noted my teaching/course schedule below (through Fall 2014). Also, I am interested in "writing across the disciplines" so a collaboration does not have to have discipline/course parity, but instead center of common thematic concepts.

Please review the below list and contact me if you're interested in collaborative writing projects. I look forward to follow up communications.

Thank you.



Fall 2 - 12/2 to 2/8/2013

BUS325 - Management Applications and Theories
GEN330 - Adult Development and Learning in the Workplace

Spring 1 - 2/24 to 4/26/2014

GEN224 - Professional Communications and Career Development
GEN421 - Technical Business Communications
GEN129 - Oral Communications

Spring 2 - 5/5 to 6/30/2014

GEN342 - Writing for the Business Professions
BUS410 - Critical Issues in Business

Fall 1 - 9/22 to 11/15/2014

BUS280 - Business Applications and Leadership

Fall 2 - 12/1 to 2/7/2014

BUS280 - Business Applications and Leadership
GEN342 - Writing for the Business Professions