Issues for improving NewsActivist from ECQ 2015 users

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Issues for improving NewsActivist from ECQ 2015 users

List here any issues with the site or improvements to be made that could benefit current and future QC users within the cegep system.

User manual and video

Upon first discussion with Gina and Susan it is clear that there is a need for better resources for teachers to get used to the site. This should be Norm's focus for the grant.

One page PDF for new students that teachers can distribute

One page PDF for new teachers and new students. 

Access to Terms and Conditions as a PDF for distribution in class.

(Bilingual on each side)

Documentation for users giving best practices and workflow for assignment distribution and submission. 

Tips and Straegies for students


Problem lists

Just to keep information flowing, I'm keeping a list of problems that should be resolved. For the moment, I have the following:
When you receive an email with a link to a new post in the teachers' room, the receiver should be remined to log in to their account as a teacher before following the link -or- access will be denied.

The link to Gabe's post produced the following message:
Page not found

The requested page "/en/forum/general-concerns-using-cloud-computing" could not be found.

Biography needs to be visible for teachers

We need to make the student "bio" visible on their profile page so teachers who assign the completion of a bio as an activity can easily find this work- also, it will encourage students to engage with their newsactivist page and give a reason to the bio section on the registration form
This will be resolved ASAP.

Visual improvements

The adddition of color buttons is helpful and more user friendly. However, the upper portion of the page remains much too imposing. I have a very large screen, more than half this screen is a vast expanse of black. What I the user needs to be able to see is this text box and the buttons to send fexample. not the empy black space. This can certainly be minimized once the user has logged on.