Interdisciplinary Approaches to Learning

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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Learning
Hi folks:
I know this is last second, I've had this new course to deveIop and only just managed to get my deadline sin order. My Learning to Learn course will start this coming week and runs from Oct 15th to Dec 12th. We will be looking at different disciplinary approaches to learning and growth. My students will be responding to posts on NewsActivist during the weeks of Oct 20-24 and Oct 27 to Oct 31. Each week their deadline to reply is by Friday each week. We will be exploring the topics that raise our intellectual curiosity. They will be talking about what drew them to two posts each week and explaining how their social location shapes their response. They will be posting their own work by Nov 14th and Dec 5th at 11:59pm. These posts will be describing some key finding in their research into learning at the college-level.
Let me know if our students can collaborate,