Fall 2014 Colaboration - Gender

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Fall 2014 Colaboration - Gender

Hello All, Now that fall is fast approaching (*yikes*), I'm looking for people to collaborate with. It's my first time on the website, and I want to start slowly so I'm not looking for a big commitment. I'll be teaching a course on Gendered World Views that looks at feminism, hegemonic masculinity, and the LGBTQIA perspective. My students will be posting a minimum of 2 original pieces each, and they will also be asked to comment on the work of students in other classes. Basically, I'd just like to know who out there will be dealing with similar themes so that I can encourage my students to check out posts made by your students regularly. My hope is that once my class gets going, students will end up using the site much more than they are absolutely required to. You can find info about my course here: http://www.newsactivist.com/en/classes/gendered-world-views Thanks so much! Sarah Waurechen

Comparing race and gender?

Hi Sarah,

I'm a little late responding to your post, but if you're still looking for a partner, I'm interested! I teach a course called "The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism" at Champlain College in Montreal. I have yet to use this site, but I've been wanting to for about a year now. I finally feel ready and my plan is to have my students write two news summaries and responses (min. 250 words) dealing with the social construction of the biological category of race, the experience of racism, and/or white privilege. I also want them to comment on other posts with the aim of making links between other topics and those addressed in the course. I thought it might be interesting if my students would comment on what your students write about gender so that they could make comparison between the two concepts (race and gender). Let me know what you think! I'm open to other ideas as well.


Let's talk more

Hi Andrea,

This sounds like a great idea, especially as I will be talking a bit about intersectionality. Let's talk more and find out if our proposed timelines fit together. Can you email me at sarah.waurechen@gmail.com?