Example of Introductory Assignment - any class

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Example of Introductory Assignment - any class

This assignment was designed to get any technical/registration issues out of the way while giving students the chance to get to know the site and reflect on how they will participate. This is a homework assignment that I give the first day of class and is meant to lead into a discussion on netiquette, what makes a strong vs weak post, effective use of sources etc. This discussion generally helps setup the major assignment and grading criteria.



Throughout the semester you will engage in online discussions through a platform called NewsActivist.

Through the use of this site you will be able to present, reflect on and defend your positions on ethical issues

and current events. You will also be asked to respond and engage with the ideas of other student users of the

site. The purpose of the following assignment is to introduce you to the site by having you register as well as

read through the posts and comments of other students.



1.  Register for NewsActivist

•  Go to the site www.NewsActivist.com and click on “Register”

•  Your class is called “XXXX”

•  Follow the instructions in your e-mail account and wait for my approval (this may take up to 24 hours)

Once your teacher has confirmed your membership you will have full access to the site.

* if you do not received an e-mail please check your junk folder


2.  Browse through Featured Student Writing on the Home Page and look for articles under a category

that interests you. After you have spent some time exploring the site answer the following questions:

•  In your opinion, what are two features of a strong post? Provide examples from the site.

•  In your opinion, what are two features of a weak post? Provide examples from the site.