Example assignment using NewsActivist to receive and give feedback on essay outline

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Example assignment using NewsActivist to receive and give feedback on essay outline

In one of my courses I use NewsActivist as tool for students to develop their essays on a social issue related to the course title.  This step occurs after some research has been done and before the submission of the essay outline. It involves posting an abstract of the proposed essay as well as providing constructive and useful feedback to peers.

PART 1: Post Abstract on NewsActivist

Once you developed your thesis statement and conducted your research, the next step is to put it all together and get some feedback. By posting your abstract on NewsActivist you

will be able to solicit feedback from other students as well as get ideas from the research that they are doing. Your Abstract should include a catchy title, followed by a paragraph of

approximately 250 that includes:

   • A title that invites readers of your post to think about and respond to the educational issue you are addressing

   • The context that your issue occurs in (social, geographical, political etc.)

   • Your thesis statement (conclusion)

   • Your evidence/ relevant supporting ideas (premises/reasons)

   • Your references in proper MLA format

   • A question that you would like other students to give you feedback on


PART 2: Provide feedback to your peers

You should then provide feedback to 3 students in either section of Education & Social Change. Your posts should include:

   • A positive reason explaining why you are commenting on the post (title, topic, writing style, etc.)

   • You should answer the question posed by the author and add anything that you need clarification on, a question that you have about the issue or suggestion to strengthen the position.