Course Collaboration with Intro to Soc for Fall 2013

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Course Collaboration with Intro to Soc for Fall 2013


I'm looking for one or more instructors to coordinate posts and responses by students in an Introduction to Sociology course. My students will be blogging about topics they care about that have any kind of social dimension. Their blogs will explore journalistic and social science research on the topic with special focus on consideration of their own and other cultural perspectives. I have two sections of this course with approx 80 and 60 students. Please let me know if you'd be interested or have questions.


Eric Kaldor

SUNY College at Brockport


Hi Eric,

I am planning on having my students in World Geography look at issues from around the world, week by week, for about 10 weeks throughout the semester. Are your students given a specific geographic focus (i.e. the USA) when posting, or do their interests stray further from home as well? If their focus is fairly broad, perhaps we could work together this semester.

If this sounds interesting, I'd love to hear back from you.

Geneviève Aboud
Champlain College St. Lambert

World Geography is a Good Fit

Hi Genevieve,

My course is focused on developing students global perspectives and we cover a different country with each chapter theme in the textbook. For example the culture chapter covers the Koreas, the socialization chapter Israel/Palestine, the deviance chapter China, etc. The students will also be attending a film series on crossing borders.

Does this seem like a good enough connection between courses? If so we could talk about possible blog assignments and timing. I am attending the annual sociology meetings in New York this weekend, so I might be a little out of touch, but I should be more accessible next week.



Hi Eric,
This sounds great. I have an outline of the assignment I am thinking of having them do. If I give you my work email would you be comfortable communicating that way? ( I can send you a copy of the assignment I have worked up, and you can let me know if it corresponds to what you are thinking of having your students do and (hopefully) vice versa.
Our college starts up fairly early, Wednesday of next week, but I do not have my teaching schedule until this Wednesday. Hopefully, we can start discussing timing with a little more detail after that.
Talk soon,