The College of Westchester NY and College Lafleche QC

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The College of Westchester NY and College Lafleche QC

This forum is to keep track of the collaboration between Gina Lavine and Janet Thompson in fall of 2013. Conversations between students in Thompson's American Culture and the Media and Lavine's International Baccalaureate course will be enabled by using Scheduling of assignments can be coordinated here by each teacher as well as any other teacher collaboration- you can lose an email, but this forum saves your conversations in one place.




American Culture and the Media: Content

Hello Gina:

I look forward to collaborating with you so that our students benefit from a shared course space.

My initial approach to using this site is to post discussion prompts to engage student responses on varied, relevant themes as follows:

Module 1: Music – Tunes and the Trade
Module 2: Sports – Entertainment and Enterprise
Module 3: Fashion – Identity, Images, and Industry
Module 4: Technology – Connections and Commerce
Module 5: Politics – Washington to Wall Street: The Road Well Traveled
Module 6: Movies – The Cinema, The Citizen, and The Corporation
Module 7: War – The Battlefield and the Boardroom
Module 8: Health/Nutrition/Dieting – Our Bodies; Their Business

Please let me know your thoughts on how you'd like to collaborate. Thank you.