Collaboration sought for Fall 2014

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Collaboration sought for Fall 2014


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I’m looking for a partner for my fall 2014 College Writing course.  This is a freshman English composition course, broken into three main units: Narrative writing, Analytical writing, and the Research paper.  

  • For our unit on Narrative, we examine a variety of Sense of Place narratives, and the students develop a narrative paper and digital storytelling project about a place that is significant to them.  

  • Then during the Analytical unit, we examine the causes and consequences of global migration, as a counterpoint to the previous Sense of Place unit.  Students analyze a variety of sources dealing with topics such as economic migration, the impact of conflict and refugee movements, human trafficking, etc, to then write an analytical paper synthesizing key points for some sub-topic within this area.

  • For the research paper, students develop a topic relating globalization issues to a local area that they are familiar with, and track down sources that deal with that topic.

  • The course also includes an ePortfolio project, where students collect examples of their work and reflect on how they have met the general education goals of the course.

I would like to find a partner faculty from a country that has been a source country to migration to the United States, and collaborate on some projects that would relate to the global migration topics we cover in our second unit.  I could see partnering with an English language course where we could offer the partner course opportunities to work in English while dealing with academic subjects, or with a course in various social sciences areas (political science, anthropology, etc) which are also dealing with transnational migration, where our two courses could bring different cultural perspectives to the discussion.


Here's a video introduction about the partnering opportunity:


Thanks for your consideration, I hope we can develop a partnership that benefits both of our classes. keith landa

Ethics of Globalization/Immigration?

Hi Keith,
I'll be teaching an ethics course this fall. It is quite likely that my students will be asked to explore several classes on the site and to point to ethical issues/theories/principles that bear on the writing shared at the site. Further, each student will be posting news summaries, often local, that indicate a part of the world where something less-than-ethical is going on, and over the semester, will develop a portfolio of writing around an issue that resonates with her. They will explore both theoretical issues and practical issues that make it difficult to resolve the issue, presenting the dilemma inherent in the case, and by the end of the semester, attempt to make an editorial-style argument about how and why we should deal with the problem.
Although only certain pieces of our courses may align, I wanted to encourage you to think about how we might have our courses intersect- perhaps just around sense-of-place and the research paper. Let me know what you think!