Welcome Hall Mission

by annelaurenceb on March 10, 2015 - 6:56am

I’ve decided to talk about the volunteer opportunity that is offered at the Welcome Hall Mission in Montreal. The Welcome Hall Mission is a place where homeless people or people financially unstable or in need can go and receive some services offered generously by volunteers.

They offer many different services to women, men, youth and children in need, including psychological help and various activities. They also have a food bank where people in need can go and receive some food that they could not afford. The center says that they help in average 3,500 families in need per month, which is truly incredible in my opinion! In some periods of the year, there are even school supplies and Christmas gifts for the kids that are given to families with extremely low revenues that could not afford it. In order to ensure that it is the right people that get food supplies, they first meet with them and oblige them to have some required documents, just to be sure that they are helping the right people and that nobody takes advantage of their services. There is also a boutique related to the center and all the profits go in helping to finance some programs. They also have transition housing where they help the needy that have a strong desire to reintegrate the society in an autonomous way to do so. The housing are provided for a maximum of 3 years for each individual, which gives them the time to find a job and be financially stable, and of course the Welcome Hall Mission provides them services and help to accomplish this. Finally, there is a Dental Clinic where the costs are free for the patients, who would not have been able to pay in any other way and it was created with a partnership with McGill University’s Faculty of Dentistry.

I thought that this opportunity was very interesting since this organization seems to make a big change in many people’s lives and help them a lot and I was really impressed by that. To volunteer, you only need to send an email to Tania Togias at ttogias@missionba.com . She already gave me some hours in the week where they need volunteers and just told me to write to her back to tell her when I wanted to come, and she seemed to appreciate a lot my interest for their cause. If you feel like poverty is something that concerns you, and even more local poverty, I truly believe that this center provides a lot of help for the people in need and you should definitely consider it as a great volunteering opportunity.