South Shore Reading Council

by Francois Pan on March 10, 2015 - 2:56am

I have been doing some research on volunteer opportunities during my leisure time. Out of the four organizations that I did my research on (St-Mary's Hospital Center, South Shore Reading Center, Agence Ometz and Royal Victoria Hospital), SSRC was the only place while I could reach by phone without bump into a voicemail. The operator who received my call was very welcoming and answered all my questions. SSRC majorly offers educational aid for adults with learning and reading difficulty. For adolescent who needs help, SSRC will pair the person up with volunteers form their school or schools in the vicinity. SSRC also happens to provide volunteer opportunities in Champlain College. Students who are willing to help are given the possibility to tutor in subjects that they are strong at. The SSRC will contact the two parties once the offer from one meets the demand of the other. More specific schedule for the tutoring is normally fixed between students. 

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