The Most Rewarding Volunteer Opportunity

by Amelie E-D on March 10, 2015 - 1:39am

The Defi Sportif is a big event that takes place during 7 days in Montreal every year in April-May. There are 14 sports and the city welcomes more than 5 000 handicapped teenagers from everywhere around the world. There more than 1 200 volunteers to help for the concretization of this project every year. The organizations need people volunteering in many places such as the airport, hotels around Montreal and most of them are the principal place where almost all sports are, at the Centre Sportif Pierre-Charbonneau in Montreal.

When the teenager participates to this competition, he feels like he is going to the Olympics. The Defi is really an occasion for them to prove than even if they have a handicap they can enjoy life and practice a sport they like and being a champion in what they do.

Personally, I already volunteered for this cause when I was in secondary five and it was amazing. Those teenagers are so happy to be there and the first objective for them is to have fun. They can prove to others than even if they are handicapped they can achieve their objectives. They are so strong and they all want to win, it is crazy to see how much they have determination! You can see it in their eyes. It is really an emotional competition. Seriously, a day like that made me realize that we are lucky to have all our members. It feels so good to volunteer for a cause like the Defi Sportif because those teenagers are showing us that even if life is not always easy we can always achieve our goals. They prove us that what is in our mind is stronger that everything else on the body.