A Heart for Syria

by RimaAlha on March 9, 2015 - 4:48pm

This organization aims to help Syrians affected by the humanitarian crisis. Not only A Heart for Syria wants to provide them food, shelter, medical aid, clothes and money, but also psychological help. Sending stuffed animals, cards and pictures is another part of its goals. Numerous events as spaghetti dinners, concerts, theatres, etc. are done to inform Canadians of what is going on and to raise money. Also, A Heart for Syria has been able to send numerous volunteers in Turkey to organize the help for refugees. These volunteers are hard-working people who are ready to pause their life for a while to help others go on with theirs.

All this is done with transparency and a refusal to take any political or religious party, a pretty hard thing during a war. Thus, this organization is purely humanitarian and encourages anybody from anywhere to learn about Syria and to help its people to live in dignity.

It is for volunteers a unique opportunity to learn about another culture and to help a nation. Lots of non-Syrians participate by singing, acting in theatres, helping out in the organization, etc. They are most welcome because they constitute a bridge between Canada and Syria, which is needed for an organization such as A Heart for Syria.

If interested, volunteers can contact the organization on Facebook, where they are more active: www.facebook.com/#!/groups/aheartforsyria/

Or on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AHeartForSyria