Head & Hands

by lizzfowler on March 9, 2015 - 7:03pm

Head & Hands, located in NDG in Montreal, is a non-profit organization geared towards the physical and mental health of today's youth. In particular, Head & Hands is known as a great resource for LGBTQA+ individuals looking for health care. It has been open to the public since 1970.

H&H offers free counselling and workshops along with free healthcare to those who do not have insurance. They are also a food bank, offer tutoring services and have legal assistance. They offer birth control and STI tests to youth under 26. Head & Hands offers free and cheap hormone treatments for transgender youth looking to transition, which is a service that is not common to come by.

I believe that Head & Hands would be an amazing place to volunteer, as they look for chaperones at their monthly "queer dance parties". I have been in contact with Head & Hands a few years ago, and they are wonderful at what they do. Their resources are very helpful and the staff ad volunteers that give their time are very dedicated to helping the community.

If this sounds like an opportunity that interests you, call 514-481-0277 or email info@headandhands.ca