Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (Quebec Chapter: SNAP)

by Darby on March 6, 2015 - 9:18pm

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society or la Société pour la Nature et les Parcs du Canada (SNAP) is a non-profit environmental organization in Canada. Their goal is to protect Canada's wilderness and to keep at least half of Canada's land and water wild forever.

The organization protects existing parks and protected areas. They also have a role in marine conservation. They are trying to create new marine protected areas. They have a petition going to create 12 new protected Canadian marine reserves. Other petitions can also be found on their website that have the goal of making these areas protected and protect the habitat of many Canadian animals including the woodland caribou. Campaigns across Canada aim to protect important habitat to preserve biodiversity. 

Current campaigns in Quebec include the conservation of the Magpie River, the Broadback River, Evans Lake, the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, and the Lower Saint Lawrence region. 

You can help by signing these petitions to help preserve Canada's wilderness. In addition, you can also choose to volunteer with the group.

They have many volunteer opportunities available. They ask only that you select a volunteer opportunity if and only if you can give the full amount of time that the specific activity requires of you. They range in a variety of sectors including public relations, community relations, event organization, administrative work, creative work and more. 

Some of the shorter opportunities are:

- holding a kiosk at Mountain Equipment Co-op on the second Saturday of April

- organizing petition kiosks

- Inputting signatures (adminastrative)

- dressing as a mascot during events

You can find a full list of volunteer opportunities in the application form found in this link: