Animal Rescue Network

by celine.m on March 9, 2015 - 2:28pm

Animal Rescue Network is a non-profit organization that helps and gives a second chance to abandoned or abused cats. This organization provides shelter and organizes a system of foster homes for the rescued felines. The shelter offers housing, sterilization and physical as well as emotional care.

If you are interested in applying, you must be at least fifteen years of age; you need to work at least three hours a week for three months. Also you need to provide two references, one professional as well as a personal including a CV.

When applying to become a volunteer you need to provide your help by cleaning the shelters and giving loving care to the cats. Setting up an emergency team for unplanned vet visits. Ensure that all cheques are being deposited. You can also help with transportation.



If you are ever interested in volunteering you can apply at Their phone number is 514-938-6215 if it is too difficult to contact via e-mail. However, I contacted them by e-mail and their response was rather quick.


I think it's really cool that you are implicated into doing what you like, which is saving animals. Virtue ethics makes us look at "what is a good life" instead of "what is a good act". By being implicated in something that you like so much, it shows a desirable trait, or virtue, that one should have in order to lead a good life.

I really like what you do for all these cats. You are a very good person. The fact that you are a good person is exactly what the virtue ethics is about. The virtue ethics does not focus on the action that someone make, but instead it focus on the traits that make someone a good person. It is also based on ‘’what is a good life’’. Therefore to be moral, people should act exactly like a good person would do. In your case, the fact that you are caring for all these cats make you a good person and since you are a great person, you are moral and you are acting ethically.