Amnesty International

by audreylegault on March 9, 2015 - 5:57pm

This volunteer opportunity would offer you the occasion to be part of a group that takes actions against any human rights violations. One concrete example of the tasks at hand would be encouraging the signature of various petitions. For instance, Amnesty International is currently focusing its effort on signing the #jesuisraif petition. This petition is about Raif Badawi, a prisoner in Saudi Arabia. He was sentenced to 50 weekly public lashes because he voiced his opinion on religious liberty. Amnesty international is currently looking for a way to stop the abuse and reunite him with his family.

If you are interested in joining this organisation, the people to contact are Shauna MacLean and Kamila Graczyk of the Amnesty Youth and Student Program. The email address is and the phone number is 613-744-7667. There is also an Amnesty International group in Champlain.