It's Not Only the Cold Weather Causing Red Noses This Holiday Season

by she2lby on October 16, 2017 - 10:40pm

In a recent article published on August 8, 2017, by Melanie Marquis and Giuseppe Valiante from the Canadian Press and posted on the CTV website, the Federal justice minister wants to decrease alcohol levels when driving. They want to lower the level to ensure less impaired drivers on the road and to be able to give a higher fine to the people who drive drunk. The reason that they want this is because there have been more and more accidents caused by impaired driving.   

Operation Red Nose is an organization that has been trying to decrease these numbers as well. This operation only runs during the holidays season, because everyone is off work and there are more parties and impaired driving happening. This organization provides rides and drives the car of people who are intoxicated and unable to back to their house. Their mission is to encourage responsible behavior with driving reduced, to offer a safe and secure free option to get home, and the money donated is put back into the community for youth activities. “Since 1984, Operation Red Nose redistributed more than $20 million to youth and amateur sports organizations.” ("Operation Red Nose: Accueil," n.d.). Their core values are compassion, community, and contribution. A math teacher started this operation in Laval, and now there are more than 100 offices located throughout Canada, to decrease impaired driving, as well as, to give back to the community. They have no major projects that they are currently working on, but they have some on-going projects that they do throughout the year. Some of these projects are “C'est notre tournée!”; this is a free conference that is held at different companies to teach employees about drinking and driving, and “Tournée Party sans déraper”; which teaches young adults and teenagers road safety and the dangers of alcohol. This operation accepts volunteer especially during the holidays to work at the office, the center, on the road as a driver, on the road to assist the driver, on the road to drive the client’s car, and many more opportunities. They suggest starting to contact them now because they get a lot of volunteers who apply during December. To apply to be a volunteer, you can online or call directly to the center of the location of your choice. If you would like more information, have questions, or want a full description of the volunteer opportunities, feel free to contact the main headquarters of Operation Red Nose or the website.


Pictures credits to Operation Red Nose

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