Hunger; Not in My Backyard!

by she2lby on October 16, 2017 - 10:43pm

In an article from the Globe and Mail written by Aleksandra Sagan published on February 19, 2016, it states that “some four million Canadians, or about 12.7 percent of households, experience some level of food insecurity, according to PROOF, a research group studying policy options to reduce the problem. More than 850,000 Canadians rely on food banks monthly, according to Food Banks Canada.” We hear a lot about hunger and poverty happening in third world countries and how we need to donate to help them. What a lot of people don’t realize is that it is not only happening in these countries, but in Montreal as well.

The NDG Food Depot is a community-based non-profit organization is about helping the people in this region who are struggling to put food on the table or putting healthy on the table. Their mission is to “improving food security for people with insufficient income, increasing access to healthy food, alleviating social isolation and fostering social integration of all community members, and educating the public at large about issues of poverty and hunger.” ("NDG Food Depot," n.d.). Their core values are growth, justice, and security. The projects that they are working on currently are working on is “Dine Out. Do Good.”; which is all the restaurants that partnered with them will be donating 100% of their food sales that evening in support of Healthy Food programs in low-income communities. They have other programs put in place to help the community, but they are on-going throughout the year, such as “Ça Pousse,” collective gardening, community gardening, community kitchens, emergency food distribution, good food market, home deliveries, incubator gardens, meal programs, and much more. They welcome new volunteers to help with all the different projects and even have a job posting open to the public; which is Distribution Assistant for a 6-month contract (Emploi-Québec wage subsidy). The volunteering jobs offered are depot volunteer, food prep and cooking, distribution, intake and registration, information and referral, market, cooking workshops, children’s animation, reception, driving, one-time volunteering opportunities, and group volunteering. On the website, the hours available for different types of volunteers and if you would like to become a volunteer you can contact them by telephone at (514) 483-4680 or email at


Photo credit to NDG Food Depot

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