How to Do Our Taxes and Our Manage Money; What We Don’t Learn in School

by she2lby on October 16, 2017 - 10:49pm

To take a quote from a recent article from the Montreal Gazette published on July 11, 2017, written by Jacob Serebrin, “A large percentage of Quebecers might be leaving money on the table because they don’t understand the tax system, according to a report released by the C.D. Howe Institute last week.” This shows how there aren't many people who are educated about their own taxes and have trouble understanding as well.

In school, we are thought many things including algebra, the world map, Canadian history, and many other subjects. Most schools don’t teach young adults how to do their taxes or manage their money once they get out of school. They’re a lot of people in poverty or who are unemployed that don’t know how to do this as well.

The Notre-Dame-De-Grâce Community Council offers free tax clinics for low-income individuals and families to help file the taxes and manage money to help those in need. Their mission is to provide an opportunity to those who need the help with understanding how the taxes themselves work and to have a professional fill them out with them for free. The core values are education, community, and management. The type of volunteers they need is people to work in the four different centers that they set up around Montreal to ask questions and help organize the people who come in. They only need volunteer around March because this is when the clinic will be open being that this is when the taxes come in. To become a volunteer, you need to contact Annick Munyana, who is the Community Organiser. You can contact her by email or by telephone at (514) 484-1471 ext. 229. For questions, you can visit their website.

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