Accueil Bonneau: Making a difference, one person at a time.

by DeborahLaroche on October 17, 2017 - 11:18am

The basic needs in life like shelter, food, water, etc. are often taken for granted by those of us that have never been in a situation where access to any of it has been in danger. However, for many people having a roof over their head for even a day, is a constant struggle. According to this article from the CBC, the homeless population was over three thousand people in 2015, in Montreal. If you’re like me and think something should be done to help these people, here is a way to help. 

In May of 1877, Joseph Vincent, a shipowner noticed that their were many itinerants in the streets of Montreal. He reached out to the priest of the Parish of Notre-Dame and gradually, with the help of the Grey Nuns, founded a shelter, the Accueil Bonneau of Montreal (website). 140 years later, their goals is still to offer shelter to homeless men or women or anyone at risk of becoming homeless. They treat the homeless with dignity and respect as well as offer them a place to stay. They also offer programs to help individuals get back on their feet and back into society. On their About page they mention their core values which are are Respect, Compassion, Trust, and Solidarity. Unlike most organizations, the Accueil Bonneau’s contributions are all done in one building at 427 de la Commune East, everyday they welcome new people in need of their help.

If you wish to volunteer with this Montreal-based organization, you can either give them a call at 514-845-3906, or write an email to and make an appointment. However, if volunteering is not for you but wish to help the cause, you can donate to the Accueil Bonneau Foundation here


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