A Horse Tale Rescue

by Corali on December 7, 2017 - 11:09am

I did volunteering with the organization A Horse Tale Rescue that help mistreated and abandoned horses. First, I went to the open house on a Saturday and they show me the barn and present me the horses and their story. After that, I went to help them whenever I’m free for the feeding job. It is either the morning, during the lunch or at the diner that they need people. I fed the horse, gave them their special nutrient, groom them and clean the outside paddock and the inside of the barn. I gradually learn to know the horses and to love them and I will continue to volunteer with this organization.

When I start volunteering with A Horse Tale Rescue I was not expecting what I found. I thought it was a little barn that tries to help some horse with a limited financial fund. But in fact, it is a big organization with over hundred volunteers and ten horses that are treated like babies. They help each other, support them all and it feels like you’re in a big family.  They are all there to help and in this mind, they do not just help horses but also people. The feeling that you can make a difference is wonderful and A Horse Tale Rescue offers you this chance. They are there for the community. They received person with mental illness and did activities with the horses to help them with equine therapy. They also accept animal care students from Vanier College that came to do get some field experience with horses.  

They also do a lot of fundraise so that every horse has what they need, even with expensive medication. For example last October, they did Hoove in Hudson that is a dinner with activities through the evening. It was in conjunction with The Chateau Du Lac in Quebec and it was done to raise money to help horses during the winter time. They also hold an open house every Saturday between 2 and 4 pm. It is open to the public and they do a visit of the barn, they present the horses and they explain how the organizations work.

There is a huge work to do every day because no matter the weather the horses are outside and they need to be feed. So three time per day people come to feed the horse and to wash the barn. It can take a lot of time because every horse has special diet. Volunteer also need to do fixing and building ob to improve the barn.

There are so many to do and so many ways to help them. They have sponsorship that requires the sponsor to pay only 5$ a month to help a horse or they also have a membership for the years. But it’s not only a money thing, horses need a person to care them, love them and be there for them every day. So A Horse Tale Rescue help abandoned horses but they also want to raise awareness about the responsibility of buying a horse. It’s not a one year or five-year deal; it’s a lifelong commitment to take care and to give the horses an healthy and joyful life.

Finally, the multimedia aspect of my work is a brief video that present horses of the barn and their particularities.

You can see more information about them on their website: http://ahtrescue.org/en/



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