New Features December 2013

Hi from Gabe Admin!

New features have just been enabled at

1. Assignments- All teachers can  add assignments to the site- only your students can see them, and you can make sure students are able to find what is expected of them whenever they log into the site. You can see this option in the "add content" button. Try it out- only you and members of your class will see these assignments.

2. Invite Students- Rather than asking students to go to the site and sign up, you can have an email arrive to a student's email address. The email lets the student know they have been invited to the class and includes a link the student clicks, and they can sign up in that fashion. From class lists, a quick cut and paste means all your students will receive emails and they will have no problem setting up accounts- and you won`t have to approve students in your class through the pending members panel. 


3. Editor's Pick- It is clear that this site should have a space to feature stories that may not be the most recent, the most commented upon, or the most read, but are worthy of revisiting due to their content. The death of Nelson Mandela inspired the site's editor to find out what users had written about Mandela over the short time this site has been online. Not surprisingly, a beautiful and inspiring post had been shared here, and the editor's pick panel came to be as a result of Mandela's inspiring impact on Montreal Champlain College Student Olivia Hollant. Read her post here, and watch the editor's pick panel for similarly powerful work!