Raise Awareness for Social Anxiety Disorder

by michelle.bsparkx on March 8, 2017 - 10:35am

Social Anxiety Disorder, or Social Phobia, is a mental illness that affects many people around the world and interferes with their everyday lives. It can quickly become dangerous as they may also suffer from Depression and substance abuse. More information on this disorder can be found in this article. As for how to help, there are many organizations where anyone can help.

Many can volunteer at The Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety by attending the “No More Running: Living With Social Anxiety Disorder” event or helping raise awareness, which is essential in removing the stigma and helping those suffering. The Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety, educate people about diagnosis and treatment of social anxiety disorder. They partner up with similar organizations to help the people involved with social anxiety disorder whether they are the ones suffering, know someone who is or who help treat those with the mental illness. Their only event scheduled in spring of 2017 was on March 8th titled “No More Running: Living With Social Anxiety Disorder”. It was an event where various speakers had a discussion about social anxiety disorder. Although they haven’t announced other events, the organization does suggest multiple ways people can help. They suggest donating to their cause or creating a video of yourself doing a tongue twister to support those with social anxiety disorder and selective mutism. This represents how difficult social situations can be for these people. They also give suggestions on how to spread awareness by encouraging people to describe what social anxiety disorder isn’t, provide an inspirational mantra, a technique you use to calm yourself down or something you have to say to those suffering or those around them that may help them with the mental illness. These things can be sent in to them to their email hello@akfsa.org. Raising awareness is essential in getting more people to know about the issue, not only to get more people informed but also for those who may not even know that they have a mental illness that may wreck havoc on their life. Those attending the event mentioned above were directed to go to the website “Friendshipcircle.org/ricky” or call 248-788-7878. There was also a link to register for the event through the organization’s website. As for the organization, it can be contacted through their email hello@akfsa.org, by phone 248.363.0409 or by mail:


Andrew Kukes Foundation For Social Anxiety

200 East Palmetto Park Rd, Suite 817

Boca Raton, Florida  33432

All of this information was found through the organization’s website: http://akfsa.org/.


This info is very helpful to those who either need help or would like to help

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