Join the Organizations to prevent Honor killing and Assaults in our World!

by YosefA on March 8, 2017 - 5:03pm

Honor killing and assault on women are issues that cannot be ignored by the society. Those issues are harsh that different organization and volunteers have used their time to prevent those assaults on women and other people in our community and around the world. I have written a super post about this issue, and in my post, you will be able to see how Honor killing is not different in Canada, a country that is considered one of the top, and Afghanistan. We all are the same, after all, we share the same DNA sequence, which is 99.5 %. The mega post can be found at the following link: The mega post contains information from other articles, and those articles can be consulted in the post. Enjoy the reading and join those Organizations they need you!!


Montreal Assault prevention center -

  • Goal: The Montreal Assault Prevention Centre is a non-profit organization and a registered charity which has existed since 1984. The organization offers different workshops on assault prevention to groups particularly vulnerable to assault – children, adolescents, women of all ages and people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.
  • Major projects: Their major projects are to prevent child assault, teach women and teenager girls on how to protect themselves from assault by learning self-defense and they also teach people with Intellectual Disability on how to prevent an assault. Volunteer opportunities: The organization is looking for people that could help them with improving their fundraising practices or assisting them with the improvement of their presence on social media and with public. And for sure they will appreciate any help.
  • Contact: If you guys want to volunteer call this number (514)284-1212 and ask for ask for Beatriz Munoz or if you guys want to visit their office their office is located in Montreal or more specifically at the following address 4617, Saint-Denis, Montreal (QC), H2J 2L4, Canada. Also, you can write them through their website in the following link
  • Website: All additional information can be found on their website


Humanity Healing -

  • Goal: Their goal is to seek out and identify different projects around the world that could help people. Also, they are looking for a solution that could help people that suffer from Honor killing or in other problems that can be found on their website.
  • Major projects: Their major project is the signing of the petition, that can be found on their website, which anyone can sign. By signing the petition, women in Pakistan Will receive help from this organization and the organization that Humanity Healing is working with Advocacy Against Honor Killings campaign in Pakistan by building a House of Hope safe house of women.
  • Volunteer opportunities: There are no volunteer opportunities in this organization; however, people can help the organization to add or help other projects by giving them the money that they collect from donors. Also, people can sign a petition that can be found on the website (or the link below). Lastly, people can link the organization website to help the site to grow and add more donators.
  • Contact: The organization can be contacted by sending either mail to the following address “Humanity Healing International” PO Box 1333 Oil City, PA 16301 or by phone call in the following number 1(571)354-4674
  • Website: More information about the organization can be seen on their website


Indo Canadian Women’s Association -

  • Goal: Their goal is to protect women around the world no matter what is their ethnicity, religion or culture. The organization wants the honor killing to stop and that women will not be harmed by anyone. The organization does have zero tolerance for violence which includes Honor Killing.
  • Major projects: The organization does not have a major project at the moment that I could have found; however, the organization invites people to come to and celebrate the Internation Women’s Day on March 24th with their guest speaker Dr. Sally Armstrong in Edmonton.
  • Volunteer opportunities: There aren't any volunteer opportunities in the organizations that I have found, but the organization helps women in different cases. But, if someone wants to help the organization, he/she can either apply to work for them, or the person can donate money to the organization.  
  • Contact: The organization can be contacted by either visiting their office which is located at 9342 34 Avenue NW, Edmonton Alberta, T6E5X8 or by calling them on the following number 780-490-0477
  • Website: More information about the organization can be found on their website


John humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

  • Goal: Their goal is to create the world that manifests a culture of peace and human rights in which the dignity of every person is respected, valued and celebrated.
  • Major projects: No long ago on December 11th, 2016, The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights have invited the media to their 10th Annual Human Rights Awards and the launch of Ignite Change 2017: A Global Gathering for Human Rights. In this event that occurs every year awards are given out to recipients, who are local human rights champions who are building Edmonton as a human rights city
  • Volunteer opportunities: The organization is looking for people that live in Edmonton that would like to volunteer to their organization. The organization is looking for a volunteer that will work in as Office Volunteers, Fundraising Team, Street Reporting and Rights in Play Educators.
  • Contact: The organization can be contacted by calling their office phone (780) 453-2638 or by visiting their office which is located in Edmonton at the following address 8617-104 Street Edmonton, AB T6E 4G6. Also, with the following link,, you can contact the organization with anything that you would like to know about the organization.
  • Website: Additional information can be found on their website

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My name is Yosef Harel Ataev.
Right now i'm studying Criminology in College Champlain which located near Montreal.
Originally i'm from Israel and I immigrated to Canada in 2006 when I was 14 years old.