Fun day for Boucherville's Elders

by jasminecl on April 3, 2017 - 12:05am

Having worked on diverse issues facing children in my previous writings, I have decided to focus on another issue I find should be of greater importance to all: the elderly and how they are treated in society.

Indeed, in an article published by Justin McElroy on March 29th, 2017 on the CBC News website called Vancouver Seniors Face Eviction from Retirement Home explains the present situation of elders in Vancouver who were forced to move from their retirement home, Terraces on 7th.

As explained by the journalist, the elders who lived in one of the 24 retirement buildings owned and operated by Retirement Concepts were evicted due to a business decision about the organisation’s contract with Vancouver Costal Health. This decision has forced many elders who were not financially supported by the organisation to move and search for a new home despite their age and ability to do so.

As explained by one of the women interviewed, this situation puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the elders, indirectly leading to illnesses and other health issues.

The seniors in Terraces on 7th are only some of the many seniors facing injustice and maltreatment here in Canada. Being older and not having the same physical and mental capacities than the average citizen puts them in a situation where the Government and other organizations can take advantage of their ‘’weakness’’ and exploit their resources, being the place they live in or even the food they are given and the treatments they receive in the retirement homes.

In my opinion, even if a large proportion of them have lower capacities, elders should be treated as equal as any other citizen and be able to have a say in what is happening to them, for example in the situation where they are evicted from their own retirement homes.

Being the seniors of our society, we should cherish them and provide them adequate care in their retirement homes, making it possible for them to live longer and happier.

I find it important that everybody, both children and seniors have the same rights as any adult facing their living conditions in any way their health could be affected. Everybody’s health should be a priority to organisations and governments who take care of the members of our society.

Seeing that my own grand-mother lives in a retirement building where she is comfortable and well-treated, I would like every elder in Canada to equally have the opportunity to live the way my grand-mother lives. Even if she does sometimes get lonely, she is well-surrounded, which makes her happy and healthy.

I would like for my volunteer opportunity to be able to put a smile on the face of my town’s elders by spending time with them, and I found the perfect opportunity offered by Boucherville’s Volunteer Center (Centre D’Action Bénévole de Boucherville, CABB), which consist in spending an afternoon playing board games with Boucherville’s seniors.

The volunteers for the four afternoons on which the activity is offered: March 21st, April 25th, May 23rd and June 20th (2017), are people of all ages, willing to help the elders spend a fun afternoon laughing, talking, playing and relaxing at Boucherville’s library, in the hope of pushing their troubles away for a few hours

I will be volunteering with my classmate Isabelle Allain, seeing that we both have an interest in the fate of our elders here in Boucherville.

To participate in this volunteer opportunity, we will have to contact the person in charge of the activity: Elise Bronchy at 450 655-9081 or at

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I am a student at Champlain College Saint-Lambert, in the General Social Sciences program. I live in Boucherville and I am a figure skater.