Emerging Artists in Need of Help

by clodieroy on March 8, 2017 - 4:38pm



POP Montreal is an organization based in Montreal that helps new and emerging artists from all over the world. 


Every year, they organize a festival that takes place in the Quartier des Spectacles,in Downtown Montreal. They present many artists that don’t have many ways of getting known. Therefore, they help them build their careers in a certain way. 


This year, the festival will take place from September 13th to September 17th. As they say on their website,  https://popmontreal.com/fr/, they always need people to help the efficiency of the festival. If you wish to register, you must go on their website and fill out a form. You can also contact them to see if they need them in any of the events that they organize all year long. 


This is a link to an article that mentions an event that the organization did. They organized a benefit concert for the families of the people that died during the terrorist attack in Quebec last month. This really shows how they help the community and artists. 





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