Commodity Chain Teaching Tool

by lshillin on September 11, 2017 - 1:44pm

Each group (with two members), carried out the below tasks:

  • Identified onecommodity (a branded product) that is popular among youth.

  • Read up on the selected commodity – look at news articles, reports, advertising, organisations, etc. – and identified the key components of capitalist commodity chains (labour, money/capital, nature (materials).

  • Using four subsections in the film No Logo as guiding ideas to organise (No Space, No Choice, etc), each group developed a teaching tool that could be used in elementary or high school classrooms to explain the commodity chains behind brand-name products. The teaching tool could take any form - groups were told to be creative – video, map with explanations, an exercise students can do, etc.



About the author

Laura Shillington is Faculty in the Department of Geosciences at John Abbott College in Montréal. She has been at John Abbott since 2013. Prior to that she taught at Carleton University and Concordia University.